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June 27 - Let's pick our Best of Simming for June 2020!

Best of simmimg - June

Sul sul simmers!
Just to let your know. I'm doing a best of your sim moments every month - the criteria is:
Favourite sim from CAS
Best screenshot (this is optional, otherwise describe it)
Best moment your sim has done
All of this is sims 3 - at the moment, I'm sticking with sims 3, until I can get some screenshots of my middle sisters sims - I'll create a separate one for that.
Also, at the start of the new month. I will decide which has taken the best out of the criteria. You will be contacted via private message.
But for this months, I'll let you have two weeks and you can take photos of this months and June, to make it easier. After that, it's the month which is listed only.
Thank you, I cannot wait to see the comment section!
Silver_Pichariz (formerly Plusimse)
Love The Sims 3: Could Play it for twelve hours straight if I could.
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