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Things I'd like to see added ...

Ulfric_GrimbrandUlfric_Grimbrand Posts: 663 Member
edited June 21 in The Sims 4 Game Feedback
I'd really like EA / Maxis to add:

1) Vacation Homes anywhere. If I want to live in Sulani, but take a long Winter Vacation for the Holidays in Willow Creek ... I'd need a Vacation Home there to do that. Let us set 1 or 2 lots as a Vacation Home in each "city".

2) A new Lot Trait: Forbidding Aura. Residents are immune, but suffer an initial negative friendliness penalty when meeting new people. Random Visitors would be extremely rare, and they'd get an uncomfortable / tense moodlet for coming, especially uninvited ... The Creepy House on the Hill vibe. (Unless they have the Loner and / or Gloomy Traits). "Oh, a Wicked Vampire lives there, let's go introduce ourselves and interrupt his dinner".

3) When new things are added, previous packs should be updated to include the new additions. I.E. Why doesn't the spell Scrubaroo work on the trash in Sulani? (Yes, I know Sulani came out before Magic, but it still should effect it. Butlers / Maids / Gardeners not taking care of Meat Walls, Insect Farms, and Composting from the upgraded toilets? That's part of Gardening / House care.

4) Blacklist and Whitelist CAS Clothing and Traits. (And stop with the Kleptomaniac Paparazzi). Some of the generated Sims are dressed horribly, and usually have 2 out of 3 traits the "negative ones". Nothing like a bunch of Paranoid, Kleptomaniac, Evil Sims looking like they are dressed in every odd pieces of clothing they own.

5) Private Schools and School Uniforms! I miss schmoozing the Headmaster / Headmistress to get the kids into private schools.

6) Be able to disable the Club Dance styles introduced in Get Together. The Group dances are fine, but I miss being able to "just dance" with the original dances (except for the kneading dough move). Possibly just add a "Just Dance" option.

7) Slow Dance. Sometimes, I'd like my Sim to actually dance with their partner / date.

Edit to Add:

8) Lock Gate from Paparazzi. If I have a fenced in yard, I'd like to be able to lock the Paparazzi out of the yard.

9) .... I'm sure I'll think of more .....
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  • foxybillyfoxybilly Posts: 18 Member
    thats what I miss about TS3 you could have two homes, I had one in sunset valley and a 'holiday home' in another world usually Monte Vista, and shifted my family every summer or winter. I also wish they would give us baby swing we had in TS3, you put your babies/toddlers in there and set it off and it would keep them happy for quite a while.

    School uniforms is a great one - most countries have a school uniform IRL.

    And to be able to slow dance/ballroom dance with a partner would be really good
  • motdkmotdk Posts: 125 Member
    I play this game , it is still lacking massive in-depth gameplay. Hey EA , fix the babies , give toddlers more objects to play with and events (daycare grandparents day event or parent day event), kids need more playable activities and objects with events (Talent show, sleep overs, spelling bee contest, baking contest Fundraiser). A school class president event. Teens need more teen clothes, object, activities and events (Where is PROM and Graduation event , dances, sweet 16 party, dates with and with out parents). Student council event.That is way it’s hard to tell the difference between the teens and adults. The adults have every thing except they need more wedding objects. Elders need 50 or 60th anniversaries, divorce money settlements(if divorced). Senior citizen discount and they have a neighborhood board event which would work for eco living to change prices on goods sold for certain events.
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