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Plz can everyone on the Sims Forums website share this post everyday to others. The quicker this post is shared the quicker it will spread around the Sims Forums. This means that we can alert everyone about it and get the Sims Studio Team who make these games to add them onto the game. The Sims Studio Team don’t always respond on the Sims Forums website for information. So we don’t know what they are doing, don’t know what games they are making and we don’t know what they are adding on there.

These missing items from below on my list are just add ons. The Sims Studio Team don't need to make games to add them on there. They can just add them straight onto the Sims 4 game. It’s very important that everyone shares this urgent post everyday for 2 reasons. The 2 reasons are......

1) To remind people!

2) For sharing!

This is a urgent post for sharing and reminding to the public on the Sims Forums website. If everyone wants the Sims 4 game to be the best then all of these missing items needs to go on there as quickly as possible!

(1) Tree house!
(2) Fairy/ pixie party house!
(3) Extra animal toys!
(4) Extra animal beds!
(5) Factory departments!
(6) Factory jobs!
(7) Supermarket departments!
(8) Supermarket jobs!
(9) Retail departments!
(10) Retail jobs!
(11) Beauty salon departments!
(12) Beauty salon jobs!
(13) Art departments!
(14) Art jobs!
(15) Swimming life guard departments!
(16) Swimming life guard jobs!
(17) Big school departments!
(18) Big school jobs!
(19) Nursery departments!
(20) Nursery jobs!
(21) Primary school departments!
(22) Primary school jobs!
(23) College departments!
(24) College jobs!
(25) University jobs!
(27) Administration office departments!
(28) Administration jobs!
(29) Cars for travelling!
(30) Vans for travelling!
(31) Buses for public transport travelling!
(32) Company lorries for travelling!
(33) Trains for public transport travelling!
(34) Delivery driver jobs/ lorry drivers and van drivers!
(35) More house roofs!
(36) Extra flowers!
(37) Squirls!
(38) Bats!
(39) Birds!
(40) Ball room department!
(41) Cows!
(42) Sheep!
(43) Insects!
(44) Hedge hogs!
(45) Parrots!
(46) Pigs!
(47) Seagulls!
(48) Extra fish tanks!
(49) Extra fish!
(50) Road signs!
(51) Extra cafe shop departments!
(52) Extra restaurant departments!
(53) Sports departments!
(54) Sports jobs!
(55) Hospital departments!
(56) Hospital jobs!
(57) Police departments!
(58) Police jobs!
(59) Helicopters!
(60) Helicopter jobs!
(61) Red telephone box!
(62) Red letter mail box!
(63) Street bins!
(64) Street bin cleaner jobs!
(65) Mobile phone shops!
(66) Mobile phone shop jobs!
(67) Motorways!
(68) Motorway traffic officer cars!
(69) Hotel departments!
(70) Hotel receptionist jobs!
(71) Police cars!
(72) Police camera vans!
(73) Farming jobs!
(74) Horse riding jobs!
(75) Farmer jobs!
(76) Security jobs!
(77) Shoe shop!
(78) Shoe shop jobs!
(79) Glasses opticians shop!
(80) Glasses opticians shop jobs!
(81) Belly piercing!
(82) Tongue piercing!
(83) Extra tattoos! (Dolphins) (Stars) (Dolphins) (Fairies) (Moon) (Hearts) (Butterflies) (Flowers) and more shapes!
(84) Fish tank decorations!
(85) Food supermarket isles!
(86) Drink supermarket isles!
(87) Nose hoop piercings!
(88) Tongue piercings!
(89) Belly piercings!
(90) Upper ears piercing!
(91) Tragus ears piercing!
(92) 🎃🎃🎃🎃 piercing!
(93) Car parks!
(94) Bus stations!
(95) Train stations!
(96) Railway track!
(97) Airplanes for travelling!
(98) Airports!
(99) Crains!
(100) Space Rockets!


  • comicsforlifecomicsforlife Posts: 7,384 Member
    edited June 11
    Space Rockets! base game
    Sports jobs! base game and University ep
    Hospital jobs! get to work
    Police departments!get to work
    insects!out door retreat
    University jobs! University ep
    Police jobs get to work
    Seagulls cats and dogs
    Art jobs! city living and base game
    Extra animal beds!my first pet
    all these things are in game already
    the sims 4 isn't getting new whims right now and I think they have dropped them all together if we want new whims in sims 4 we need to tweet the gurus and tell them we like whims
  • CamkatCamkat Posts: 2,149 Member
    A lot of what you are asking is already in either the base game or expansion packs as @comicsforlife has already pointed out, (and they didn't even point out all of it).

    Asking for "more" of an item doesn't mean it's "missing"? It's there, but I do understand the wanting more options to choose from. I'm not sure I understand the difference between a department and a job either though? Like the 9 things you have listed all involving school (there is a teaching career in university). Aren't the different departments just a sim moving up the career ladder? This list feels like it's twice as long as it should be since everything is basically repeated?

    I also don't understand asking for some of those piercings that we never would see anyways, like the tongue.. I'd rather them not waste resources and add things that we can see and use. Also some of those transportation options, while might be nice in idea, don't make sense without an open world. Why would I send my sim on a bus down the cul-de-sac? *shrugs* not bad ideas, just not really the kinds of things I'd like to see them spend time building when there's still so many bugs and glitches they could be fixing or other ideas that are more tangible that I could physically see while playing the game like your more tattoo ideas option.
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  • ManakoHimeManakoHime Posts: 284 Member
    I think you are asking for a bit much there and I really don't see a point for some of those piercings. Plus if we share this around on the forums multiple times, we will get in trouble as I am pretty sure something like that is against the rules.
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 5,636 Member
    OP: Shouldn't this be in the Ideas section? I know that the Gurus look at that from their comments made in the Forum. You might inspire a new Maxis recruit with new ideas that need some re-consideration!

    I am all for a more fleshed out game and that seems to be coming with the new options in the expansion and game packs from what I see now after the only 64bit upgrade. So you can still hope.
  • GPHGPH Posts: 63 Member
    Where’s the ideas section?
  • telmarinatelmarina Posts: 2,901 Member
    Op, over sharing will only make simmers go against the forum rules and will most probably upset people by cluttering threads.

    Why not a poll? That way we (and the devs) can realize people's preferences.
  • GPHGPH Posts: 63 Member
    But this is so urgent, can you create a pole for me and put my missing items post on there. I don’t know how to use the Sims Forums very well!
  • SimsILikeSimsSimsILikeSims Posts: 1,449 Member
    edited October 4
    GPH wrote: »
    But this is so urgent, can you create a pole for me and put my missing items post on there. I don’t know how to use the Sims Forums very well!

    There are ALREADY several wish lists in the Ideas section that anyone can add to. Also, you may not realize but there is a Career Creator mod out there, that lets you put in custom jobs. However, as with all mods that change the way the game works, it needs to be updated or checked every time the game is patched.

    Sometimes, even custom content needs to be updated if there is new functionality added to objects or outfits, or if something fundamentally changes the way the game processes certain CAS or build/buy elements.

    Finally, if you have City Living, Geek Con lets you build/upgrade rockets and travel to space. Too bad they never updated Geek Con for Seasons: I hate having all these broken computers and consoles sitting around in a temporary festival that only lasts one day, it is so pointless. They could have at least put the electronics under a tarp, or booth tent, or carport.

    Also, just because you believe something is urgent, does not make it urgent to everyone, and certainly not urgent enough for them to copy and paste your whole wish list, which would actually give THEM credit for YOUR ideas. Perhaps it is more urgent that you play around with the forum navigation a bit. Even if you are on mobile, surely it cannot be that difficult? Usually on mobile, there are typically 3 lines at a corner of the screen that you tap to access most menus.

    Saying something is urgent does not, in itself, make it urgent. If something is life-threatening, then it is urgent. If it threatens health or safety, it is urgent. If it comes from your boss at work, your parents/guardians, or your teacher/professor at school, it is usually urgent. I don't know if you have ever read the story "the boy who cried wolf". If not, please read it. It is a very good read.

    Once you have read that, if you still think it is urgent, PM a Simguru. I am actually surprised this thread hasn't been locked since it is so old (ie necroposting).

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