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Does the CAS from Rustic Romance custom stuff pack still work?

I'm wondering whether the CAS from Plumbob Tea Society's Rustic Romance custom pack still works. I just found out about this pack and would love to download some CAS stuff, particularly the hair, veil, and wedding dresses. In another thread @simfriend1968 mentioned that the candles from Plumbob Tea Society don't work anymore, but I'm wondering about the CAS from Rustic Romance stuff pack.

There seem to be multiple links to download from on the website, and I'm wondering which is the best place to download the individual CAS files, because I'm afraid of ads. Does the Plumbob Tea society's website use Google Drive?

Thank you.
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  • KiniHokulaniKiniHokulani Posts: 597 Member
    They use SimFileShare (which has no ads) to host their files, but Google Drive as a way to display their items via "pick-n-choose". I last used their cas items about a month ago and it worked fine. It was the male blazers. I guess you can just download and check in-game to see if they work or not.
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  • Rococo1256Rococo1256 Posts: 175 Member
    Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it. The stuff I wanted works great! I'm so glad. CC is beautiful, but downloading it always makes me anxious. Now my Sim can wear a veil with her wedding dress.
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  • punkbeespunkbees Posts: 24 Member
    I have most of the stuff from that pack downloaded and I haven't noticed any issues with the CAS items!
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  • BloosmooBloosmoo Posts: 665 Member
    I downloaded CC for the first time ever this week after eco living came out. Omg how do you ever stop? Anyway back to point, this particular pack is working and it's working well in my game. Hope that helps, the Henry Pufferhead pack, stellar pack and cottage garden are all also working really well too.
  • VilvileaVilvilea Posts: 1 New Member
    For me, the loveseats were broken, but worked after batch patching them in the Sims 4 studio
  • Teh_CheshireTeh_Cheshire Posts: 11 New Member
    SO far with the patch as ofr Jul 23 (should anyone need this info in the future) it appears all items are in working order.
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