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Issues installing my discs on Windows 7

shakeninsaneshakeninsane Posts: 502 Member
In theory there shouldn't be any issues with Windows 7, but yet here we are.

Basegame installed fine. I checked the game and it's only forced 800x600 due to not recognizing my graphics card, but I have to wait until I've installed eveyrthing to try and fix this I believe.

I tried installing University, but I keep getting that "Look for updates" stuff and then it can't so it terminates the install.

> Install
> "This product will now ensure your existing installation is up to date
> "The update was unsuccessful"

That's how it plays out.

I thought OK I'll go install Nightlife and then patch and then try University.

Except - Nightlife wont even autorun. It gives me the prompt but nothing happens.

I've got all the expansions and keys, but I can't seem to install. What do I do? I'm pretty sure Origin doesn't care so there's no point asking for a digital download.

Can anyone pinpoint me in a direction? I've googled up and down, left and right but there's few answers. And most issues are related to Win8 and Win10.

I don't want to go down a ship sailing arr matey route to get my games that I literally own but can't use. But what alternative do I have?? :( I need help.


  • nolurknolurk Posts: 235 Member
    I'm actually running Sims2 on an install of Windows 7. While I did run into the issue you describe where it failed to recognize my graphics card and set it to the lowest possible resolution by default, I remembered that one of the fansites actually had posted something about this along with a walkthrough on how to resolve it. However, just to warn you, you would need to edit a text-based configuration file and should already be familiar with what video card you have in addition to which resolution you're currently running, as those are attributes you'll need to change.

    Probably the easiest walkthrough that I can remember where this came up was on SimsVIP's site and it includes screenshots as part of the process.
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