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Izzy Joy Trait

I only recently started playing again after over 2 years and I have a pair of pants from Izzy with the “joy” trait which appears to be two hands shaking (it’s extremely small!) but I can’t find anywhere what this bonus trait means.

Hand in hand with that, is there not a way to actually look at the traits of the clothing?? I can make out the minuscule image and google it but why can’t I just see what it means somewhere? Or am I completely blind???


  • dramaqueenlpdramaqueenlp Posts: 792 Member
    edited April 2020
    Seems everyone else is just as confused as I am.
  • Bianc51Bianc51 Posts: 10 New Member
    @dramaqueenlp I can’t find that particular trait for any of my sims. I just don’t see the value in the adding the traits to the clothing. I’ve been playing for years, and the main objective to Izzy’s clothing is to stand out to receive stickers. If they do actually tie them together, it would be nice to see that trait boost. Or if they actually show personalities (gestures) based on traits.
  • SheezaPayneDiazSheezaPayneDiaz Posts: 240 Member
    All of Izzy’s clothes boost a trait. The shaking hands is the symbol for the Outgoing trait, which boosts friendly events. So, if you are working on one of the Friendly Socialize stories, this garment will help with that.

    If you go to the page where you open your daily family chest, one the right is a blue button that says Heirlooms. This page will show you all the heirlooms available, which ones you have, and what each one does.

    Hope this helps, and welcome back to the game!
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