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What you think we could use in the sims 5?



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    Paralives instead of Sims 5.
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    These ideas are just for the base game but in general I would like a calendar like sims 4 (maybe without the preset events at first, added events with packs and mainly connected to horoscopes), open neighbourhoods, color wheel (different form the sims 3 which to me most times ended up kind of tacky) and certainly most of the things that should come with the base game from the start. Keep the free patches but I don't want things that should have always been there to be done 5 years later or something. For building I would like split levels, curved walls, the thing they are doing now with the windows and doors but from the get go and to be actually able to put one window under the other.

    My main change (or at least the one I thought about the most) would be personalities. I would put 4 main categories: Aspirations, general "aspects" & horoscope, traits and on/off or preferences.

    Aspects & horoscopes would be kind of like in sims 2 (sloppy-neat, shy-outgoing, lazy-active, serious-playful and grouchy-nice) and whatever combination you do on that gives you a sign. I don't think much can be added to that through packs BUT I would like the aspects to change with gameplay (actions and maybe therapy) and those changes to have an effect on sims' emotions. Also extremes should be actually extremes. Horoscopes in general would affect relationships (some signs prefer/despise other signs), with the calendar your sim is born on a sign and gets the default aspects and they age up when it's the sign day/season (this is a whole other thing i thought about concerning how many signs there are and how long each life stage lasts but it would make the comment too long).

    I would keep the 3 traits per sim and updates to the list with packs. Those don't change with gameplay and are more like a plus for the personality so I don't think we need many more. Now with the sims 4 it bothers me because all of the aspects (or similar) which i see as basic are traits and there are only 3 slots.

    On/off, likes/dislikes, preferences or however you wanna call it would be kind of like in the sims 2&3. It would be cool to set it for young adults to elders but have the youngers develop them through memories and gameplay. Like maybe they don't like black hair because their enemy as a child had black hair, they like swimsuits because something great happened when they were wearing them, they listen so much to a certain station or eat so much of a certain dish that when they grow older those are their favourites.

    Edit: also I forgot, I don't want it to be multiplayer or at least have an option to opt out of it.
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