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Packs you regret buying?


  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 7,100 Member
    edited March 26
    Occasionally I have regretted City Living because I don't enjoy apartment living due to the noisy neighbours and the world and festivals aren't great (in my opinion) but I frequently use the singing skill and the lot traits so I definitely do get the use from it. In terms of Sims 4 I don't truly regret any of the packs I own because I use something from all of them on a regular basis.

    I definitely did regret buying Sims 3 Showtime and Late Night on sale towards the end of my time playing that version of the game because I found I didn't enjoy the worlds at all, and I hated the way Showtime in particular worked. I also regretted a few of my store purchases (the Venetian style canals, definitely).
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  • Admiral8QAdmiral8Q Posts: 1,406 Member
    edited March 26
    Admiral8Q wrote: »
    Seasons. More trouble than it's worth. At least I waited for a 50% sale to minimize the damage. De-activated the beast. Not buy is the best option.

    I disagree. Seasons completely changed how I build buildings in the game. Having a virtual perfect summer day all the time was ok, but seasons really got my thinking more realistically. Like don't put the toddler beds outside just to get them out of the way, heh! Then it starts snowing or raining. :D

    My builds are taken from actual plans (usually Voctorian) so rug rats are defacto taken care of. I quickly got fed up with the constant darkness regardless of season, the continual rain or snow depending on said season, and the havoc it wrought on my sims' 'farms'. Many of them have massive gardens of all sorts of things, which brings in a tidy income and plenty of fresh produce. Without seasons, that is. Got rid of the thing well before the mass simacides so often reported.

    That's interesting actually. Your game, you want things to work with less randomness. I respect that totally. :)
    Speaking of which, I should try downloading your "Ladybird" building again since I have more packs. See how it looks now. B)
    Outdoor Retreat. I love the concept but always get bored within 4 minutes of sending Sims there. Even worse for me is that I always forget it is boring, look forward to sending Sims there, only to once again be reminded what a snoozefest it is.

    I started using some of the BB items for outdoor beer gardens; I do enjoy it for that!

    Honestly, I haven't gone to the world yet with that pack with my Sims. But I mainly got it for all the 'off-the-grid' and other cool build stuff. And no regrets there!
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  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,204 Member
    edited March 26
    I have tried to pick a pack and each time I do something saves it eg bowling as game play is a huge didappointment but the build and cas in the pack are fun and retro.

    DU wasnt as good ad I thought it would be but I would still buy it.

    I have avoided buying some packs that I would have bought but festures look annoying eg. Parenthood with all the paint splattering and bear phases. It annoys me in others games let alone what it would do if it were in mine.

    @Daephene without seasons Windenburg is my favourite world. It is so pretty and detailed I am terrified of seasons ruining my gameplay so I dont have it. Although everyone seems to love it
  • Dannakyri1Dannakyri1 Posts: 76 Member
    I think Parenthood is my least fave. The content is probably fine, but I hate the pop up advises. It ruins my video making as the picture will freeze until I click on the popup - and the next. And the advising has no effect on my kids' traits anyway, it's very rare those values go all red or all green anyway (I have to cheat if I want those trait added). I wish every child would get ONE extra trait when growing up, the one with the highest/lowest value even if not being almost full.

    I like that Season brought different weather for different worlds. You just won't move to BB unless you like staying indoor :)

    I've been very successful I getting several of those traits into the green - I feel like Red is a little harder. But if they take out the trash a few times do their homework go to school and set the table they will easily get the responsibility and manners. I just hate the fact that my choice will increase one and decrease a different one like I can't make a choice the increases empathy without decreasing responsibility which makes no sense. I want to choose between advice that will either make my kid more or less responsible/polite/empathetic.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 2,779 Member
    Dannakyri1 wrote: »
    I've been very successful I getting several of those traits into the green - I feel like Red is a little harder. But if they take out the trash a few times do their homework go to school and set the table they will easily get the responsibility and manners. I just hate the fact that my choice will increase one and decrease a different one like I can't make a choice the increases empathy without decreasing responsibility which makes no sense. I want to choose between advice that will either make my kid more or less responsible/polite/empathetic.

    Fully agree with you on that. They really blew it by having the choices set up so that no matter what you do a positive one goes down. If there must be only 2 alternatives, then it should have been between a positive and a negative or alternatively between going up or no effect. Maybe none of the folks involved has kids/nieces/nephews/memories of their own childhood(s)
  • LolaLuvsSimsLolaLuvsSims Posts: 1,784 Member
    I definitely regret Strangerville. I got it for CAS and laptops then they went and patched laptops in. If we could disable the storyline I, like many others, would use the world. I don’t use Vampires either but my son wanted to try it out so I don’t regret the purchase.
  • KaitlinMarieKaitlinMarie Posts: 44 Member
    I own all the packs and out of all of them I hardly use vampires, spooky, realm of magic or get together. I miss the werewolf and fairy aspects from sims 3 along with the vampires. As far as sims 4 goes I definitely don’t dig the supernatural stuff much. It could be so much better. 🤷🏼‍♀️
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  • elanorbretonelanorbreton Posts: 11,736 Member
    I can honestly say that I do not regret buying any pack. I use at least something out of all of them. Some more than others, of course, but I am happy to have all the content I've got.

    I have some absolute must-haves from most packs that I definitely wouldn't want to be without - like the scientist career from GTW, Windenburg and clubs from GT, the adorable clothing and the roomies system from DU, the fab worlds from IL and Strangerville etc.

    If I had to choose to give up a pack, I think I would pick Luxury Party stuff.
  • filipomelfilipomel Posts: 1,243 Member
    I don't really regret purchasing any packs, I only regret purchasing packs full price. And although I don't regret purchasing any packs, there are some packs I could live without, Island Living, Spa Day, Strangerville, Vampires, Realm of Magic, and most of the Stuff Packs, thankfully each pack has something I like about it, you can never have too much CAS or BB assets.

  • DaepheneDaephene Posts: 730 Member
    @Daephene without seasons Windenburg is my favourite world. It is so pretty and detailed I am terrified of seasons ruining my gameplay so I dont have it. Although everyone seems to love it

    @Becka28 I love about 90% of Seasons. It did totally change my gameplay, but in a way that made me enjoy the game more. But they really have the weather imbalanced in certain neighborhoods and that makes those places harder to enjoy. So I am sad that I didn't ever get to explore Windenberg before I added weather. Mostly I regret not buying Get Together sooner.
  • MarmaladeJadeMarmaladeJade Posts: 81 Member
    Seasons, Vampires, and Cats & Dogs are my biggest regrets, though not in that order. If I had the ability to turn off vampires, the seasons, and controlling my pets to a degree, I'd be fine.
  • ashcrash19ashcrash19 Posts: 3,835 Member
    Moschino...I wasn't into it upon release but during a sale got it. Most of the items aren't my aesthetic and I rarely use the camera photoshoot mode.

  • Jordan061102Jordan061102 Posts: 3,601 Member
    edited March 27
    Almost every single one. I just overall regret to have bought TS4. I was only 12 tho so I didn't know that it was that bad compared to the previous ones.
  • IndisStressIndisStress Posts: 13 New Member
    I kind of regret Strangerville and Vampires, I like the furniture and the worlds but I really hate vampires and the infected ones when I'm not playing one and they appear at the door
  • ChampandGirlieChampandGirlie Posts: 1,699 Member
    edited March 27
    I don't have regrets. I don't use Luxury Party or My First Pet Stuff a lot right now. I'm sure I got them during a sale. Luxury Party and Spooky were definitely during stuff pack sales. I've still used them though. I do use the fountains from Luxury Party in a wedding venue and for celebrities. I use Spooky now that I play with Seasons. I haven't really used MFPS but it was a bundle and eventually I will.

    Right now, I'm not playing with many kids but when this generation has them someone will get a small pet.

    I like StrangerVille and Spa Day. I have several spas in my game. For a while, there was a yoga cult that was expelled from the world. They were hilarious. I still play with the spas and yoga at times. StrangerVille is quirky but I like it. I actually like it more with the mystery solved. It's a small and isolated town with a different lifestyle than the others. I like that others can keep it an apocalyptic world and I can play it as a normal one where something went wrong for a while.

    It's kind of interesting to have some small-town sims. There are two neighbors who are best friends. Eventually, I'll do something with Old Penelope, convert it into a public space or something. I guess I like having different worlds and being able to decide how they develop. I would have liked to have another lot or two downtown. I like when different environments influence the development of different characters.

    I also like Discover University. I don't have the complaints that others do. That said, I like to focus more on academics with those sims. I think the dorms are totally hilarious though. I've sent different students and they all had slightly different experiences. I like that the roommates are unpredictably weird. "Why is she playing a violin at 2 am?" "Why does that guy have a new girlfriend or boyfriend every day?" I do use this pack though probably not for all sims.
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  • MissRedMissRed Posts: 6 New Member
    Cats and dogs. I just don't really play with the pets and the small pets should have been included with cats and dogs AND they can't be controlled so you had to download a mod which was annoying. I've never built the a vet clinic. Just wish there had been more to this since it was an expansion. Just seemed kind of lacking.
  • Admiral8QAdmiral8Q Posts: 1,406 Member
    For "Seasons" you can set the amount of Summer/Fall/Winter/Spring you want. Personally, I LOVE the thunder and lightning storms!
    You can turn that off though too if you want.

    More interesting and exhilarating than perpetual perfect weather all the time. :)
    In my personal opinion.
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  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 7,100 Member
    edited March 28
    The only thing I dislike about weather in the game is the fact that it rains so much in Granite Falls.
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  • haisinhaisin Posts: 215 Member
    I don't regret buying any of the packs, because I buy them when they are on sale and consider buying them for days or months. I was really hesitant to buy laundry day, because even though its CAS and build/buy are nice do I really want to do laundry in a game like isn't my own laundry enough? Yet I have actually liked to have it for some families and the clothes line just looks so pretty.

    At the moment I'm considering Cats & Dogs, Parenthood and Spa Day. Dine Out, Discover University and Get to Work are still no no for me, though all of them have something I would enjoy to have in my game. The only stuff pack I have set my mind on buying is Kids Room stuff, but of course it didn't come on sale, so now I'm wondering should I just keep on waiting.
  • Huiiie_07Huiiie_07 Posts: 1,200 Member
    I decided today that I won't buy any packs on release anymore. The things we get in a pack just don't justify the price tag at all. I got DU for 50 percent off today, which was kinda convenient because I wanted the pack anyway, but just didn't want to pay the full 40 euros for it. I am still missing MFPS, Moschino and Tiny Living, and I probably won't get any of them unless their price gets reduced to like 2 euros or something (though I really don't see any reason to buy MFPS besides one hairstyle) :D
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    I like to build stuff
  • Erja888Erja888 Posts: 4,613 Member
    Recently I took a look at all the packs I have and found out that I use nearly nothing from Jungle Adventures.
    I went to the jungle with two Sims but that was until maybe three weeks after release. I never went back ever since. I also do not use the BB or CAS stuff.
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  • SharoniaSharonia Posts: 2,041 Member
    edited March 28
    I don't really regret any pack. They all have something I use. However I'm not a huge fan of the Get Famous pack because I find celebrities annoying and over all very disruptive to my normal sims lives.

    Discover University and Realm of Magic I both find very disappointing game play wise but I like the CAS and decor items.
  • Bagoas77Bagoas77 Posts: 3,064 Member
    edited March 28
    I've only bought the vampires one. Regretted it minutes in. Regretted buying the base game, too. And the weeks wasted trying to play it until I was glassy-eyed and soul-shriveled... just trying to manically convince myself that it wasn't as godawful as it truly is.
  • DivieOwlDivieOwl Posts: 1,147 Member
    Probably Vampires, I rarely play vampires, rarely use the clothes (yuck), and can't stand Caleb and Vlad. I could be happy having not bought it at all.

    Next would be the spooky stuff, though I'm not completely against it. I have thrown a spooky party a few times, and those times I'm happy with it, but it's not a pack I use a ton. I would be more happy had I bought this pack on deep discount or even somehow managed to score it free.

    Another I don't use and could probably do without completely, is Luxury Party. One of the most useless packs I own.

    That's my list of three packs I could live without.

  • DylanJ10000DylanJ10000 Posts: 22 Member
    I don't particularly regret buying any packs, but I was definitely disappointed by TS4: Movie Hangout Stuff. I'd probably pick that one, if I had to have one.
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