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Individual knitted content per dresser?

I think this pack calls for an upgrade to the CAS system. When granny knits a jumper, it might go into her personal inventory. If she knits a large number of clothing, the inventory will function as a dresser, and I wish the crafted stuff and the CAS stuff would share the same system, being available only to the owner or his/her household. But then it would be needed to limit the item to the one color version that was actually knitted.

In TS2 we had individual content for clothing, which I actually miss a lot in TS4. CAS gets quite overwhelming with a bunch of packs, and it could be fun to make your own selection, including color swatches, for each sim or household. It would be nice seeing a teen wear mom's old jacket, kind of connecting generations. Over time you'd probably like to get rid of some options and add something new. This could also give a way to "pack a suitcase" for a vacation, or clean your closet before moving houses etc. Such a dresser based system would not be a limitation because you would always be able to grab new stuff from CAS (store), and there could even be an option giving you access to all CAS items. And having a personal selection is more important than whether each clothing added costs simoleons. There could rather be a cost reflected on a full dresser affects the weekly bills. Or no costs involved at all :)

Same goes for jewelry. I wish we had individual jewel boxes, that we buy items in CAS to make them available from that personal box. It feels a bit unrealistic that my sim has access to tons of jewelry all the time. I'd love to see her wear the same item with the same color version with most outfits. And that her daughter might borrow one item. That the young woman wears the same necklace that granny wore on that old photo on the wall. Again, if you feel it like a limitation, there could be an option where you get access to everything your CAS has to offer. It just would feel right to personalize the storage of clothing and jewelry. Probably glasses and hats, too - the point would be the same.

Anyone knows how knitted wear will be stored and how it will be integrated with CAS items and say be part of an full outfit accessible from their dresser?
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    I'm not a fan of unlocking objects, but I'm all for individual wardrobes. One of my favorite sims owns a cc t-shirt that I requested specifically for him (his husband sometimes steals it, though) and that I won't let any other sim wear for several months. But then again there are outfits that would be perfect for some sims, but that I always forget, because they are career unlocks and not visible in CAS (unlike the unlocks from build/buy).

    A system that might work without having to create each piece of clothing as an object might be favoriting clothes per sim. I bring my household into CAS, select one sim and favorite everything I want that sim to own. Then when next I attempt to dress this particular sim, I click a new filter called "favorites" and see only those clothes - bamm, that's their wardrobe right there. Charge money as desired per cheat beforehand.
    This advanced CAS would show all clothing, including knitables and unlockables from careers. When the player attempts to favorite something they haven't unlocked yet, a dialogue box pops up that allows for instant(cheat)unlock.

    On a sidenote, I'd also love for clothing to wear down after fights. Options then could be instant repair (just pay money) or patching up with the knitting skill. (Realistically you'd sew a patch on or darn the hole, of course, but knitting is the nextbest skill.)
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