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Makeup CC randomly showed up in my game today. Does anyone recognize it?

floridameerkatfloridameerkat Posts: 1,092 Member
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Does anyone recognize the CC in this image? It just appeared in my game today, even though I've never installed any makeup CC before. I don't know where in my CC folder to look or what to delete because I don't know where it came from. I did download a few houses from the gallery earlier today, but I don't see how that would have added random CC to my game.

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  • PlayerSinger2010PlayerSinger2010 Posts: 2,088 Member
    I believe it comes with Slice of Life.
  • -KendallKatz--KendallKatz- Posts: 233 Member
    Yup, that's from the Slice of Life Mod! It's used when you get beat up and things like that, it puts the makeup on your Sim.
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  • GamerAlwaysGamerAlways Posts: 11 New Member
    I believe you can delete it safely, but I wouldn't recommend deleting it. Check Kawaiistacie's website, as I think it will tell you.
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