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Looking for a comprehensive celebrity spawning mod

So, laike many, I'm a tad annoyed at the pervasiveness of celebrity sightings BUT I don't actually want to turn it off completely! Here's what I'd like, ideally:

Tuning down celebrity appearances overall, thus making the notification/invites that one's spotted actually worth something
Celebrities most often spotted at lots with "hottest spot in town trait"
Celebrities second most spotted at lots with "up and coming hot spot" trait (maybe about half as the "hottest spot" ones"
Celebrities only VERY VERY RARELY showing up ANYWHERE ELSE (like, not impossible, but very rare. Like, at least 1 in 100 rare)

If you're really an amazing modder, as a bonus I'd love it if the player could actually specifically rank the likeliehoods of celebrities showing up at non-hotspot locations of different worlds (like, a non-hotspot location in Del Sol Valley would be more likely to have a celebrity sighting than in San Myshuno which has a better chance than Brindleton which has a better chance than Strangerville, ect ect, you get the idea) but that might be too much to ask I know, but just throwing it out there lol.

SO if anyone knows of a mod that does that (or would like to take the idea and make one, lol) please let me know!
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