How to Get Rich (in The Sims)

Getting rich in the Sims, a highly talked about topic. It's simple yet hard. Sometimes your Sim is just unlucky and never hits the money jackpot. Here are some proven methods to make some simoleons.

The Gold Digger
Of course, we've all tried this once or twice, but the gold digger method is hard to perfect. Marry a rich sim, kill them, and take your riches as a prize for your effort. To perfectly pull off this money-making method, you must have your sim's spouse "mysteriously" die. You don't want to waste any of the money on legal fees.

The Gardener
Not everyone has a green thumb, but the virtual Sim's just seem to have it come naturally. As long as you correctly incubate and provide for each plant, you will have a prospering and money-making garden. Money plants are an awesome go-to, but no every installment in the franchise offers that option. The best option for the Sims 4 would be to reach level 8 of the gardening skill so you can super sell, and plant many money trees to maximize income.

Painting in the Sims has always been a reliable source of income as Sim's learn the skill quickly. Painting can sell for a big amount of money. In the Sim's 3 Ambitions, you can become self-employed as an artist, leading you to make even more money. it is an easy, at-home job to do that rakes in the money.

The Collector
Collectibles are everywhere in Sim's world. Rocks, artifacts, and gems can be found littered around every town. Collecting rare valuables can leave you with a lot of money, especially in the Sim's 3 World Adventures tomb collectibles.


  • FelicityFelicity Posts: 4,904 Member
    In Sims 4, become an archaeologist. Indiana Jones, eat your heart out.
  • AnnLee87AnnLee87 Posts: 2,475 Member
    I always have fun doing this ....

    Create a Sim with the collector aspiration or any nature aspiration or Friend of the World. Give traits like loves outdoors, outgoing and dance machine. If you choose the active trait your Sim will be able to "jog here" after level 2 fitness, I think. Handy for moving from one collection site to another.

    Move Sim onto a big lot. You will need the space. Cheat money to zero. Your Sims now has the ability to disco nap if you choose the dance machine trait. Use public or neighborhood restrooms, shower at the gym and nap on benches. Sims eats what is harvested. Sell collected items to buy meals until plants can be harvested. You Sim will not require as much time to sleep because of trait.

    Travel and meet other Sims collecting as you go. Pray that your Sim is not abducted by aliens. A baby not needed at this point but welcomed if it happens. Work on the Nature aspirations and Friend of the World aspiration simultaneously by switching back and forth. Athletic aspiration requires Sim to workout at gym. Snag that one when a shower is needed. If you have Jungle Adventures there are two aspirations that require collecting and travel. Sell, sell and sell more. Buy skill items. Start a tiny home with 4 tiles and start skilling when Sim is home. Sim will learn faster and plants do better.

    The point of all this...
    It takes 5000 aspiration points to get a money tree. Get a money tree. Wait for money tree to seed. Put money tree in household inventory to get more seeds. Plant new seeds and put the original money tree back. Your Sim is set for life. Play the rest of the game as a stay at home parent or do an aspiration you haven't tried. With money your Sim can head off to college or do anything because your Sim is rich. Expand to the fortune aspirations and end up in a mansion.

    Short version ... cheat the money seed and ruin all the fun!
  • EasiQuesiEasiQuesi Posts: 1 New Member
    I just sell plants lol
  • Ravager619Ravager619 Posts: 3,710 Member
    Painting is the easy way to make money, especially if you use the tablet and upgrade it so you can complete a painting in half the time.

    Archaeology is another quick way, which reminds me. In my next test game for a tiny home build, I need to send my Sim to Selvadorada.
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