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My thoughts playing the Sims Freeplay so far.

Getting my fix of The Sims with Sims Freeplay. It’s a free mobile game so I don’t bother wasting money on cash in game. It’s fun to a point but despite using Sims 3 music; doesn’t come close to the happiness that The Sims 3 gives me. This one is just a “do a couple things and sit n’wait for tasks to complete”. Which are pretty much standard modus operandi for mobile games. The Sims in Freeplay are just blockier versions of Sims 4 sims with the silly inanity that typifies Sims 4. And is amusing up to a certain point but repeated applications of a fart joke does not a relationship make. Just have to deal with the rampant silliness.


Well since I am only in my first few hours playing this game it appears as though I will reserve judgement until I’ve played this more extensively. But I feel this is just Sims 4 Lite and not much to write home about.

At least with the update my old eyes can actually see the 🐸🐸🐸🐸 menu system and not the mini popups that they had pre-latest update which practically gave me eyestrain playing this on an iPhone or should I call it iStrain.
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    PurrrmeowPurrrmeow Posts: 30 Member
    I have started a game two times now and both times I abandoned it pretty quick. I hate mobile games and all of the "sit and wait" and "energy" where you have to come back throughout the day so I just don't even bother playing them anymore.
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