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Windows 10 and Sims 2 trouble

kamra19610kamra19610 Posts: 460 Member
Sorry but I am having so much trouble with my new computer and windows 10. I have gone though loading sims and then unloading and puting back in differant places. Used Rulemaker, and fix4 and I really don't remember the names of the two I mentioned. But since my last download my game keeps crashing after a few minuites in the game to maybe 15 minutes. It comes up with something about Mantions and Gardens. Oh yes I have Ultimate Collection and use Origin. But my computer has a ssd drive as c and hhd drive as g. first I put sims game on the ssd because I was told it is good for running games. But I did not want all my cc downloads on my ssd but there they would go automaticly. Later I put my game on the hhd drive and things went well for a good amount of time but something happined and I can not get lots or sims to load into my game. I unzip and put into file but when I click on to upload it asked me what I want to use and shows me the clean installer, but does not work. I really need easy to print instrucktions if anyone knows were I can find what I need to do to fix problem. Thank you so much.


  • RiverX2BananasRiverX2Bananas Posts: 58 Member
    I'm having the same issue. Sometimes when it crashes I get that pop up window saying Mansions and Gardens crashed (probably because it is the last expansion pack to game, so that is the actual game software running) but mostly I just get that blue circle of nothing happening, meaning game is not responding until I just close it. If anyone can help, it would be great. I'm not holding my breath though, it's possible there is no fix.
  • RiverX2BananasRiverX2Bananas Posts: 58 Member
    edited February 8
    Okay, it seems I might have found the solution. I tried these instructions from Mod the Sims forum, and so far I have played for around 90 minutes without crashes.
  • kamra19610kamra19610 Posts: 460 Member
    Thank you River - that is a lot of info but i will have to try it for sure. I have done the rulemaker and 4gh patch but 4gh not working so this answers that problem. it will take me time to work on it though as i am older and my mind does not retain well. Wish this was in written form for me to print out and read step by step. Still this is by far the moist info I have received and thank you so much.
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