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Arts & Crafts sales table

I am wondering if a new type of sales table should be one of the game play items, one that broadens back out to the arts and crafts theme and allows a sim to sell any of their hand crafted items- this could be wood working items, flower arangements, small paintings, knitted items, kids pictures and decorations even- anything else that is evading my brain right now, that is a crafted item.

Yes, we have general sales tables available but they are available in other packs only. By creating an arts and crafts sales table you can control what other townies/NPC's will sell from a craft sales table. This would mean, in conjunction with get together, or as a new weekly craft market based at one of the parks or library's, you could hold craft markets to go and sell your arts and crafts to other sims. You could create a knitting group with get together, but you could also create a craft sellers guild, where one of the chosen activities is to turn up and start selling crafted items from your craft sales table.

what do you guys think? Do we need another sales table in game? Does this go too far off the knitting theme for you? Or does it widen things out a little bit more to the original pack title of arts and crafts?


  • ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 1,873 Member
    I personally don't wish for too much focus on the selling/commercial aspect of knitting. I'd rather focus on the creation/homey side of it, so personally, I'd rather not have a sales table.

    I do think that if you own one of those packs with sales tables or if you have GTW, you should be able to see your crafts, but I don't think that's necessary for this pack.
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