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I just don’t know what to do.. with my Sims.

NRoweNRowe Posts: 6,341 Member
Ever noticed how many decisions go into a new game of TS4?

Single Sim or Multiple?
Family or Unattached?
Money Cheat or No?
San Myshuno, Willow Creek, Oasis Springs... ?

Alien? Should I play occults or keep it realistic?

What lifespan is just right?

I have almost embraced that I am a serial restarter, forever moving on to the next project before the last is even fully completed. But there is often a period of stalling while I wrestle with the above questions (and others besides) looking for the combination that will finally allow me to stick with a game.

Thoughts? Advice? Empathy/Commiseration? Help?


  • LiELFLiELF Posts: 3,260 Member
    Colonize a neighborhood and choose all of those. Pick an area that has about five lots and create a household for each one. I'll suggest the starter area of Willow Creek because I'm nostalgic and that's where I played my first Sim in Sims 4 and loved the area. (Plus, it's got the big tree that leads to a secret lot!)

    Make one or two of the households Occult. Make one a family. Make two households with each a single Sim and see if those Sims meet and start a romance. Give someone a pet. Rotate between households every day or two and play where the game left off. Use cheats to move the families into the houses. Make each Sim have at least one negative trait. See what happens.
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 1,271 Member
    edited January 16
    go into forgotten hollow, play vlad, find vlad a premade partner, make mini vlads, play with mini vlads, find mini vlads their premade partners -> and so on

    or well any other premade single sim ready to mingle but I recommend vlad cause he is awesome

    you may also give them new looks while at it

    and make as much soap opera in the middle as you like

    I find that I am bit of a serial restarter myself and not making any new sims myself sort of helped me keep with one game

    you could also couple up random premade families for background fun

    renovate some houses
  • SimsandraSimsandra Posts: 279 Member
    I started with one single dude and just did things. Went to karaoke nights, having an affair with his neighbor, married another sim. All of them had babies from my sim and then I played the children (I had aging on for all sims in that time) and so I first created a neighborhood full of my sims and later on the whole save practically.
    I rotate often between households and I partly go with what the game gives me, for example someone dying and sometimes I choose what the sim is doing.
    One loves to do gardening, his sister travels to Selvadorada for archaeology, one sister is an actress that never goes above level 2 of the career, whilst her mother is top superstar.
    I just think that watching them and control what kind of person they will become is awesome and fun and when you have some families, its not boring at all, because you always can rotate to another household. But then I would recommend aging on for just the played household^^
  • elanorbretonelanorbreton Posts: 11,050 Member
    edited January 16
    Hello fellow restarter :D

    I am just restarting too lol. For the thousandth time. All those people still on their very first save? Seems impossible. Got to your 20th generation? Three would be a major achievement to me. I have yet to see a sim die of old age, or even die for that matter.

    So @NRowe you have my commiserations!

    I have tried lots of variations of start-ups, my last big save was a rotation. However, I just started a legacy challenge and rather enjoyed it (played for a week so far lol), plus the thought of finally achieving some generations is appealing. But I don't want to get bored. So I had this new idea...

    Restart and play a different household per world per save on normal lifespan with 7 day seasons. So I will do it on a kind of legacy basis but have different things going on with each household. Start in world one, play as long as I feel like and then switch to world 2 in a new save etc etc. Any that I don't enjoy I can just drop.

    The scoring system is appealing as I feel like I am aiming for things along the way. I have set up a PowerPoint document to record the points and add in their family snapshots to record their story.

    I am hoping that my interest will remain with at least a few of the saves to get through to 10 generations, or maybe beyond. Who knows? :wink:

    Edit: oh and no cheats, with it being legacy style. I am going to utilize Tiny Living for some of the households. The only thing I am not going to do is start them all as single sims. I will mix it up, some single, various families, one or two with pets, one going to uni, spellcasters, vampires, different careers and trait mixes etc. Plenty of variety.

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  • AelisahAelisah Posts: 9 New Member
    I felt the same !

    I never got into TS4 before (was TS2 fan).. Untill I started a challenge with my friend an alternative rags to riches in ts4 and we updated each other about the progress.. I made my character a young troublemaker who walked away from home because she's kleptomanic and thinks she knows better than anyone else trying to make it big becoming a singer while still making poor decisions (stealing, meeting the wrong people etc..) and it was so much fun until that friend went away and I couldn't continue her story anymore.

    After that I tried to create new sims, but everything was super dull compared to her story and I kept restarting and not getting through the first generations.

    So I decided I'm rerunning my rags to riches character again (she has just too many -fun- flaws I can play with) and I started enjoying the sims again.
    For some random adventures I installed mods to get surprised by how her life will turn out this way.

    However, if she dies, I wonder if I could enjoy any of her offspring to continue cuz she is just that much fun.. XD We will see
  • telmarinatelmarina Posts: 825 Member
    Hi. I'm a restaster too. What works with me is playing a random legacy challenge. I started with the one that you can find googling 'random legacy challenge sims 4'. Now ive added a lot more generational challenges and have it in a randomizer app. The generational goals that ive added are related to all packs i own, so that it makes me use their content. Ive got to a 5th generation once but never passed that. So, im now starting a new legacy and im going to try the short lifespan. I know the short is too short, but i think it will make the game really challenging and interesting to keep the legacy going.
    Im definitelly following this thread.
  • BoergeAarg61BoergeAarg61 Posts: 408 Member
    Buy some dice to roll when needed.

    Make some rules for how to use them. For instance, I roll a die twice for picking an aspiration. First once to pick which options to choose from. Equal number means the upper six, uneaqual means the lower six. Then once to pick the aspiration. Sometimes I cheat, though, and roll more times to pick one I like. :smile:
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 14,662 Member
    I can commiserate. Which is why I absolutely love that we can so easily change aspirations. I'll be in the middle of completing one and her the urge to start on another.
  • keene61keene61 Posts: 227 Member
    When I'm bored with my current household, I tend to spend time editing community lots so that, when I go back to live mode, there are things to do instead of what I normally do (spend most of my time on the home lot.)
  • Wallsisms4everWallsisms4ever Posts: 484 Member
    edited January 16
    I was also a major restarter. There's just so much to explore that I felt like I was wasting time playing in the same household, with the same jobs and thr same traits.

    Now I play rotational and it's being awesome. I created a sim for each day of the week, so everyday I'm exploring something completely different. And it never gets boring, cause I have to wait a whole week to play with that household again, I even miss them.

    On sundays I play with a cat lady that owns a funerary (a retail where she sells coffins and flowers).
    On mondays I play with an aspiring scientist that loves robots and is currently in university.
    On tuesdays I play a conservationist that lives off the grid and adopts strays.

    And so it goes. I really love playing this way. Maybe you could try.
  • NRoweNRowe Posts: 6,341 Member
    Awesome ideas here. <3
  • FiddelizFiddeliz Posts: 17 Member
    Nice thread! I still play my first save but I use the long lifespan and started playing TS4 about 3 months ago, so 3rd gen young adults now. I have played the sims since I was a kid, the sims 2 was a blast, also TS3 until it all broke haha. I have played for 6 generations max so far but I always had to quit the save because my computer couldn't handle it.
    I struggle with deciding what the next generation will be about though, and I get bored with the "everyday" sim-life. toddler-kid years are fun and demanding but when they get to teen/YA it seems so hard to do it all over again? But as many of you have said, this game is so great, because there are so many other things you can do if you get stuck. You can renovate lots, make new townies and starter homes, play a day or two with another family and sort their plum out (like the Goths for example). And gain inspiration from forums or youtube or twitch or whatever! The best game/community there is, in my opinion.
  • becks1112becks1112 Posts: 461 Member
    Have you tried the Not So Berry Challenge? I'm a restarter too, but I've gotten really into this one and it makes most of those decisions for you.
  • xamira99xamira99 Posts: 2,476 Member
    edited January 18
    I play with multiple households. So far, I have 5 different households from the same founder & I'm on the 4th generation. What I did is I randomised almost everything from their traits, lot traits, neighbourhoods, lot sizes, careers, aspirations, fame, etc to avoid repetition. Randomisation is one of the reasons that I keep on playing with the same saved file. You can look for randomiser online or using the CAS randomiser. For me, I used both online & Excel to randomise & keeping track on my Sims.

    My households are pretty much a mix of normal Sims & Vampires because, the founder gave birth to twins (a normal & a vampire Sim) - from the on the dark lei lot trait. So far, I don't have any other life state yet, but I'm planning to have it all. I think, having different life states in your Sims family tree is kinda cool. Give it a try. :)

    I don't use any cheats except for bb.moveobjects & I think that is one of the challenges too especially when my Sims need to live in a house without any wallpaper or flooring. Worse, when the utilities being shut down. For lifespan/season, it's kinda tricky. I've started with long lifespan with 28 days of season, then I change to normal to 14 days of seasons, but now, its going back to long lifespan but with 14 days of seasons. I personally feel that, this is depending on the speed & scale that you prefer. So far, short is too short, normal is so so, long is very long, but for me, I'm playing it long because it's just a nice life span since I've installed the DU. Since DU is going to take at least 28 days of my Sims life, I want them to still being a YA after they graduated.

    For pets, I only have a few. I get a pet if only one of the Sims in one particular household is either a cat or a dog lover.

    Other than playing with my Sims, when I'm bored, I start rebuilding the community lot (the first thing that I build for the save file was a cemetery. So far, it has 7 occupants including a pet dog. :D ) to make it kids & pets friendly especially the park, or, just building some random builds to be uploaded to the gallery or taking part in building challenge.

    I can totally understand that sometime, it's better to restart than to continue, but give it a try. I used to do the same too, at the beginning of my Sims 4 play, I tend to restart but for now, I'm pretty much enjoying playing the same saved game, because I have 5 different households which is going to keep on growing, where I can play with & building different style of houses for them too.
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