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MOVED TO IDEA CORNER Sims 4: Beats and Rhythm

superpurple1superpurple1 Posts: 186 Member
edited December 2019 in The Sims 4 Game Feedback
Sims 4: Beats and Rhythm Ideas

Summary: Expand your sims musical skills and journey with them as they plunge into the world of the art of rhythm and sound. Move your sims to a new world where the greatest bands, musicians and singers live. Start a band or musical group. Go on musical tours, hop from town to town and perform in parks, underground clubs, festivals, and concerts.

Concert park
Similar to festivals, they pop up every now and then with new bands, singers and musicians. Sims can go solo or with a group of friends to rave and jam to their favorite music. Buy limited time only merch, t-shirts, wrist bands, beanies, jackets, and sweatshirts.
Concert House
Similar to bars, but a popular venue where your musical sims can go perform solo or with their band. Meet other famous musicians and bands. Make money and gain fan followers. Get praised with claps and shouts or booed off the stage and get pelted with tomatoes or eggs
Music Learning Center
Send your sims to the music learning center to improve their music or singing to quickly improve their skills than compared to learning solo.
Rent out a studio for sims who desire to mentor or coach.

Select up to 5 band members
Call to practice
Tour to different neighborhoods and venues
Meet and greet
Music festivals and concerts
Recital Parties
Musicians (kids-adult) can perform recitals
Invite sim family members and friends or everyone in the neighborhood to your musical sim’s recital party
Perform with other musical sims in front of family and friends
School Bands
After-school activity

Object Contents
New Instruments
Xylophone (toddlers)
Electric guitar
Cello or Bass (I know they're different)
Koto (Japanese)
Bassoon (New Death)
Maracas (Mexican)

Band shirts
Famous singer shirts
Punk outfits
Jazz style outfits
Band posters
Famous singer posters
I love jazz, rock, blues, pop,

Music Mentor or vocal coach
Freelance career
Offer music lessons by meeting musical sims off the streets or putting out an online ad
Set a price limit
Teach one on one lessons or group lessons in a home or community studio

Natural born singer
Sims with this trait will have a level 7 singing skill
Instrumental savvy
Sims with this trait will have a knack for learning different instruments quickly

Genres sim can perform in
Heavy Metal

So I know that some of these artists aren’t alive but maybe the sims team can find someone else to sing some of the songs

New Songs in Similish (Suggestions)

Billie Ellish-Bad Boy
Green Day-Boulevard of broken dreams
The Offspring-Americana
Fall Out Boy-Immortals
Red Hot Chilli Peppers-Face Down or Californcation
Jonas Brothers-Year 3000
Yellowcard-Ocean Avenue
Metallica-Ride the Lightning
Paramore-Misery Business or Crush crush
Evanescene-Bring me to Life
Strange World-Iron Maiden
Led Zeppelin-Kashmir
Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Moon
Staind-So far away
My Chemical Romance-Welcome to the Black Parade or I’m not okay
Taylor Swift-You Belong to Me
Adele-Rolling in the Deep
Justin Beiber-Boyfriend
Avril Lavigne-Girlfriend
Bad Romance-Lady Gaga
Ed Sheeran-Castle On The Hill
Beatles-Hey Jude
Like a Prayer-Madonna
Jimi Hendrix-Purple Haze
George Michael-Careless Whisper
Barry White-Can't Get Enough of Your Love Baby
Luther Vandross-Never Too Much
Tupac Shakur-Keep Ya Head Up
Dababy-BOP on Broadway
Tony Bennet -Rags to Riches
Michaels Bubble-Haven't Met You Yet
Estelle-American Boy
Lauryn Hill-Do ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Alicia Keys-If I Ain't Got You
Mariah Carey-Always Be My Baby
Beyonce-Single Ladies
Niki Minaj-Super Bass
Janelle Monae-Tightrope
Megadeath-Symphony of Destruction
Dolly Parton-Jolene
Carrie Underwood-Last Name
Lady Antebellum-Need You Know
Kane Brown-Lose It
Brad Paisley-Mud on the Tires
The Weekend-Wicked Games
Bruno Mars-24K Magic
Daniel Caesar-Get You
Megan Thee Stallion-Big Old Freak
Alabama Shakes-Sound and Color
Al Green -Let's Stay Together
Maxwell-Pretty Wings
Jill Scott-Golden

Which song would you like turned into Simlish?

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  • popstarsleypopstarsley Posts: 1,086 Member
    Very good ideas! I’d LOVE to see all of these instruments in the game
  • GageaGagea Posts: 847 Member
    You'd better move this to The Sims 4 Ideas Corner. ;)
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 3,446 Member
    Great ideas! To add to the fun: violin, oboe, highland pipes, bass drum; singers: Ray Charles, Paddy Reily, Linda Ronstadt, Bing Crosby
  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 4,319 Member
    I really want a Beats and Rhythm pack!
    Ooh Be Gah!! Whipna Choba-Dog? Whipna Choba-Dog!! :smiley:
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