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[Uni] Housing options for all residential lots (nvm, already in game)

MiSFiT203MiSFiT203 Posts: 264 Member
edited November 30 in General Mods Discussion
would love to see a mod that adds the gear icon from Uni housing lots to all residential lots. allowing for building of custom offsite dorms and stuff.

with all the available options there, you would think they would have given more lots to use them on.

#EDIT# already available in game, Thanks to @asimbsim for pointing that out #EDIT#
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  • asimbsimasimbsim Posts: 237 Member
    You can do this without mods :) If you go into any lot in build mode and change the lot type to University Housing, then the gears appear and you can select Foxbury or Britechester, and create your own dorms in any town.
  • MiSFiT203MiSFiT203 Posts: 264 Member
    oh, nice... thanks @asimbsim! lol, was wondering why that wasnt a thing when it was obvious why it should be lol.
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