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In Order Of Favourites



  • scoedscoed Posts: 91 Member
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    I most deffenatly want and I want it now

    1) Séance Table & Spirit Board- I love supernatural stuff in sims and my casters need this. Should have been in Realm of magic. Well this and a crystal ball and tarot cards. Anyway it will see tons of play and make ghosts more relevant.

    2) Grim Reaper Freelance Career- Who wouldn't want to play the reaper? wanted this since The Sims 1. This would be a dream come true. It does't have the replayability as a séance table or a spirit board would, thus number 2.

    3) Psychic Freelance Career- I like supernatural stuff in sims. My casters lack a caster type career. And so many Vampire lore involves psychics. the stories this will enable. I want this bad. It isn't a dream job like the reaper but I would be very happy with this.

    4) Ghost Hunter Freelance Career- Again I like the supernatural in my sim games. I like ghosts. This would a great add.

    5) Embroidery & Cross Stitch- It would make it possible to make sim versions of a few family members. And there is a great need for more hobbies in the sims. Enough of the party packs.

    6) STEM kits- I like science and science fiction in my sims. Building electronics outside of robots will be new to the franchise. This just seem fun and we need more hobbies in the game.

    7) Pottery Wheel- As I said we need hobbies and I miss this from The Sims 2.

    8) Glass Fabrication- Again we need hobbies.

    9) Knitting- I need this for my elders.

    Stuff I want and would use.These things though have issues that keep me from being overly excited like already existing in game in some form or I feel lake replayability. Also items that seem fun but just don't excite.

    10) Haunted House Lot Trait- I love supernatural stuff. While it sounds better than what we have now, we can already tell this story with the haunted lot trait, Island spirits lot trait. I want this but it is a bit redundant. I still really want this.

    11) Desktop Microscope- This should be in game already. And we have a microscope. I want this and sadly I want this enough to pay for it but still this should be in game.

    12) Astronomy & Portable Telescope- See desktop microscope.

    13) Portable Hologram Best Friend- It is science fiction themed, that is a plus. I just don't see the need. I can already talk to a toilet to get my isolated sims social needs up.

    14) Voidcritter Locator- We need hobbies but honestly this seems dull.

    15) Fitness Watch- seems fun but more in a trivia way than game play way. We need gameplay.

    16) Vegan Trait- We need more traits in game but this one's role is sorta filled. Still we need more traits

    17) Indoor Cycling Machine & Treadmill With Screens- see desktop microscope. Also we have even more options as is.

    18) Virtual Putting Green & Modular Minigolf- Need hobbies but this just does not appeal. Beside The sims as a rule don't do sportas well.

    19) Building Blocks- Seems interesting but I don't see the point. I think at first I will have fun but it sounds like it would get old.

    20) Healthy Living Aspiration- I like aspirations. They add depth if done right. This one seems too similar to the fitness one for me.

    I honestly don't care for these at all. I would likely by the pack as I have an issue and buy every sims pack. I would hate myself for it though.

    21) Edible Art- We have baking, cooking, and gourmet cooking in game already. How many food related skills do we need? We also have flower arranging already for the parisible art aspect.

    22) Food Science & Kitchen Appliances- As I said cooking and food is covered already.

    23) Simulated Sports Screen- We have full body gaming rigs as is, what would this add? I don't use those items already. Sims don't do sports well besides. Not exciting at all and I doubt I would ever use it. Please no.

    24) Smoothie Blender- Another item that is just redundant. Food is covered. would make useful clutter but really do see a real need. A stuff pack build around a clutter item....Hard pass.

    25) Custom Teas & Herbal Infusions- We have mood altering teas as is. We have tons of ways to make cash as well. We have this. a pack build around an item we have and I don't use? Worse of all options.

    The stuff packs over all

    1) Happy Haunts - I really want everything on this list. I would buy every version of this and be happy if done right.

    2) Arts and Crafts- I want Happy Haunts much more but I want most of the offerings. No edible arts though. I do not want that at all.

    3) Science & Technology- I like sciencey stuff. I really want the Stem Kit. Most though seems like we should already have in game. I don't want Food Science & Kitchen Appliances at all.

    4) Fun-Tech- Has nothing high on my list. It also has a dud in a Simulated Sports Screen.

    5) Self-Care Routines- No thanks. We had a stuff pack around fitness already. I wasn't a fan.

    Anyway this is my opinion on the matter. It looks at this point Arts and Crafts or Happy Haunts will likely take it looking at the polls. I am happy etherway as long as Edible Art isn't the big winner for Arts and Crafts. This is fun I hope they do this often. I missed the first one.

    Now what we really need is a pack that add to kids and toddlers. Game play there is so empty. Elders can use some love too. Sadly none of this seems aimed at toddlers or children. That is where the biggest needs are in game.
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