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Sims 4 - South Park

Hey guys im back!

One of the most controversials and funny cartoons ever made, i found a bit of CC on this, but almost nothing, so i made them myself ;)
Im posting more ingame pictures later
Enjoy! Please comment and give sugestions, i can upload these families if you guys ask for it.

[img][/img]48959411708_e7feda6acc_z.jpgCartman - [Family] - [591x394] by

48960149352_551c8932d1_z.jpgMcCormick - [Family] - [591x394] by

48960148712_5427a57127_z.jpgMarsh - [Family] - [591x394] by

48960148272_ebafea4626_z.jpgBroflovski - [Family] - [591x394] by

I made Kenny hat in a way his sound sound like 'mmmm' like if it was using a closed helmet, pretty funny....


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