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Taking selfies with other sims gives a massive amount of friendship points.

No idea if this is a bug or not, also not sure if this is where I should post this (these forums are confusing) but using the "take photo with" action twice and taking 10 photos with a sim gets me almost max friendship..


  • CynnaCynna Posts: 1,838 Member
    That doesn't seem right...
  • lasummerblasummerb Posts: 2,691 Member
    I noticed this too recently. Like my Sims are friendly with another Sim then all of a sudden after taking a selfie I get the notification that they're good friends now.
  • somewhsomesomewhsome Posts: 26 Member
    I noticed this with tripod, but I thought it was intentional (like, you know, you offer someone a free photoshoot and then they think you're a great person, lol). But now I'm pretty sure it's a bug.
  • AngeliqueAdelaideAngeliqueAdelaide Posts: 149 Member
    Just noticed it yesterday. It's fine with friends, but I don't want my sims to become good friends with everyone they take a photo of. I am pretty sure that it wasn't always that way
  • ElijahKTElijahKT Posts: 45 Member
    Glad I'm not the only one experiencing this. Guess the days of cloud gazing for hours to make friends is behind us! Just snap a few photos together and they'll take a bullet for us.
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