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Paint your ceiling.

From the moment I first noticed this it has been bothering me.. alot.. especially since I typically build castles and things like that..

With the get famous pack you get this nice coffee table with a reflective surface.. which is when I first payed enough attention to notice that it was reflecting the terribly mismatched white ceiling in my black and gold marble castle

No matter the wallpaper you choose you're stuck with a hideously out of place solid white ceiling that almost never goes with anything in your household.

I don't understand that but it bothers me.. alot.. ceilings should match the walls.


  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 6,846 Member
    Not many people in the world actually paint ceilings. In fact, there are a lot of swirl patterns and designs people put on ceilings to “spice them up” but they don’t necessarily resort to paining. Ceilings aren’t even visible in games unless you view them at a certain angle.

    I don’t foresee them adding this ability anytime soon.
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  • AmavariAmavari Posts: 149 Member
    Most places in the world probably also use building materials that don't look like blank white sheets of paper compared to their walls either.

    >.> I don't know I've just yet to see a castle made of stone with a tissue paper white ceiling.
  • nucleonidenucleonide Posts: 207 Member
    Maybe letting the player select a ceiling swatch for the whole house, per level, or per room could work. It would probably function similarly to the roof tile. We can have white, grey, black, wood tone swatches to start. (This sounds simple to implement, but it's probably not.)

    Or whatever floor tile was used on the higher level could appear as the ceiling of the lower level. (Definitely not as simple.)

    I also thought of having the ceiling match whatever wallpaper you put in the room. But it'll be harder to do that because you can have different wallpapers on different walls within the same room. So I'll stick with my first 2 suggestions. :))
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  • amber_ilumireamber_ilumire Posts: 1,586 Member
    nucleonide wrote: »
    Maybe letting the player select a ceiling swatch for the whole house, per level, or per room could work. It would probably function similarly to the roof tile. We can have white, grey, black, wood tone swatches to start. (This sounds simple to implement, but it's probably not.)

    I agree. I don't build much, but even I get frustrated when the ceiling's just a blank sheet. Not sure how likely it is that they'll ever add in ceiling tiles, but I think they're definitely needed.
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 3,599 Member
    edited September 2019
    they should just add it similarily to how you add roof textures just make ''ceiling texture'' and add couple swatches like black, white, stone,wood and we are already almost there

    stone and wood could have some different colors

    almost no old house has just white ceiling here so I am really struggling
    even my own room doesn't not to even start with cottages and such
  • RiazeyRiazey Posts: 1 New Member
    It does heavily break the immersion quite a bit when you are in close :( especially if it's a building that isn't supposed to look like conventional ceiling (a wood cottage perhaps). Like mentioned, even just changing the whole building would be great!
  • SummerjaseSummerjase Posts: 1,422 Member
    I agree, I play with the Sims 3 camera so I often see the white ceiling. Really throws off the aesthetic of certain builds I make...
  • FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,624 Member
    The ability to paint the ceiling is especially needed for dark houses! Just look at the Goth manor‘s ceiling from outside, it looks ridiculous.
  • SimmyFroggySimmyFroggy Posts: 1,761 Member
    I would love the option to have at least a few swatches for ceilings. Or at the very least have the ceilings be a slightly off-white because the stark white that's there now bugs me. In my experience, pure white is rarely used in houses, at least around where I live, instead it's off-white, cream, or magnolia. Anything less harsh and bright would help.
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  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 7,703 Member
    Not only would I love to be able to paint the ceilings, but I'd also like some decorative mouldings. Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco in particular.


    I'd also like pressed tin ceilings.

  • AmavariAmavari Posts: 149 Member
    Those ceilings look awesome, and agreed on all fronts, that's exactly it.. I'm extremely OCD and really picky about my buildings, and I love building huge castles for fantasy and occult based characters.

    military-esque compounds for my police/space ranger/spy family, or in Sulani what basically amounts to a wooden tribal compound over the water with docks and a lot of open walls since I designed them to be basically a cross between samoans and mandalorians...

    So I use all these materials, wood and stone and concrete to build up these really huge houses.. which then all have the same canvas white ceilings that look entirely out of place.

    Needless to say I never use tables with reflective surfaces anymore, but recently when I made a basement I noticed that when the sim was going down the stairs it basically looked like they were walking through a white void to get to the lower room and that's not ok >.>

    I'm not asking for anything fancy (though those molded ceilings do look really awesome) just a ceiling that vaguely matches the rest of my building so it isn't so glaringly out of place
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