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Is there any updated mod for stopping grabbing water from sink?



  • KiniHokulaniKiniHokulani Posts: 597 Member
    I tried disabling it via MCCC too but the new action is called "Get Water", which doesn't show up as an autonomous action I can disable. Only "Grab Water" shows up, which had long been disabled. It's annoying, but I just cancel it out if I see it coming now. At least until we can actually disable it..
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  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 5,875 Member
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  • BearLandBucFanBearLandBucFan Posts: 91 Member
    I must be blind as I can't see to find this! :(
  • Bearpal64Bearpal64 Posts: 902 Member
    It's always funny to me that they don't have a hydration meter and yet they are always drinking water. Always water. Never milk or OJ or anything else. Just water.

    My Sims also seem to test a newly upgraded sink and or repaired sink by drinking water. Hmmm.
  • frogkiss1frogkiss1 Posts: 243 Member
    I use MCCC’s tuner option to prevent sims autonomously grabbing water

    ETA: Sorry I saw you don’t want to use MCCC. Can’t help you in that case.

    Still, if you are going to download a mod for this, it is more worth your while to download MCCC than a mod which is limited to only stopping autonomous water grabbing. MCCC is a very useful mod in many areas. If you’re worried about autonomous marriages and pregnancies etc, you can turn them off and just use its (many) other useful options. You can turn off anything you don’t want in MCCC.

    MCCC is also always updated very promptly.

    Also don't download mcc woohoo
  • LiELFLiELF Posts: 3,984 Member
    I can't stand the water drinking. I recently had two Sims out on the campus grounds in Uni, having some fun, and I was focusing on one of them for a moment, went to check on the other, and she had gone all the way back to the dorm for a glass of water. Seriously why?! Why is this a thing? Why was this ever patched in? It's not "immersive", it's not "cute", it's not entertaining, it's not gameplay. It's not even realistic because the behaviors make no sense. It's disruptive and wicked annoying. Why can't they drink water when they sit down to eat? ... Oh. Maybe it's because they don't "sit down" to eat half the time.

    Just get rid of this "feature" altogether. Or give us more autonomy control, like a panel for toggling off small excessive behaviors like phone use, water drinking, etc. Better yet, is there a reward trait of "never thirsty"? I never use rewards, but if there isn't one, we need one pronto. I'll give it to every single one of my Sims.
  • JeansooJeansoo Posts: 2,998 Member

    sorry that I visited here only today and found your sims are still drinking with free will.
    I found this mod and work perfectly. I recommend this mod for all of you. :)
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