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Can we sort out the Save feature on console please!!

So am I the only one who freaks out constantly whenever playing over different game saves, it is literally sooo easy to accidentally save over another game save it’s ridiculous!!

Why when you load a different save file, does that save file not become the only file you can save to?

Game save A and Game Save B. You play on A everything is happy days, you save and switch off, next time you play you load B. Now when you go to save, game A is automatically selected to overwrite, as it was the last saved file from when you played the time before.

This may not seem an issue as you can select game B to save over, but has no one else accidentally saved over a file this way? I know I did when it came out, it sneak attacked me one session, and I’ve been paranoid ever since lol now my boyfriend has started a new game save on the console to see what sims is about, it’s not just my own responsibility to keep my save file safe lol It freaks me out whenever he plays too

Anyways can we please have it so when you load game B, you can only save to game B, unless you specifically select create a new save file? Like why would I ever want to overwrite game A? There’s the option to delete saves if I need to get rid of one...


  • RavenSpitRavenSpit Posts: 398 Member
    well, I have multiple saves for the same game, so I very much want to be able to overwrite save A when I loaded save B.
    But having saves sorted by games would be nice, I know skyrim does that...then again, I never unintentionally overwrote the wrong save so.
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  • MrsSweetpantsMrsSweetpants Posts: 5 New Member
    Yes! I just did that! I have spent days on a huge build and almost finished. I opened my game, thought I checked the time stamp because my actual save file and the auto save have the same pic and family name (a name that none of the sims in my library have, go figure). And apparently I clicked the wrong file because after I saved while working on another build, I went back to finish it and it's GONE! I
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