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Can python access the F5 key's quarter/half-tile object-snapping setting?

Felice_EnellenFelice_Enellen Posts: 60 Member
As the subject says: Can python access the F5 key's quarter/half-tile object-snapping setting?

I want to write a script that sets it always to quarter-tile snapping, but I couldn't spot anything by searching through the source files for appropriate words. Googling just keeps landing me on pages talking about quarter-tile floor texture placement, which isn't what I'm looking for.

I'm hoping someone else has run across it, either as a python function or a runnable script command.

Thanks! :)


  • Felice_EnellenFelice_Enellen Posts: 60 Member
    Side note for an EA guru: It'd be awesome if the game options simply let us choose a default, or if the game remembered what we last set it to. Same for toggling quarter-tile placement for floor textures, too.
    Hey! As to if such function could be accessed can only be confirmed by a SimGuru, but it is only relevant to the client-side, so I would say no.

    The only way I could see an attempt to make it a reality is making a mod that includes ctypes and trying to simulate the F5 keypress (Windows only). This might be impossible to do on Mac OS as I don't think the necessary libraries are included to manipulate input.

    Another possibility might be that there is simply just a config file somewhere in the game files that lets you alter it to be enabled by default. Wishful thinking.
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  • Felice_EnellenFelice_Enellen Posts: 60 Member
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    Oh hey, a wild TURBODRIVER appeared. :D I dig your work.

    Anyway, I guess simulating input is technically a possible solution. I wonder if I could arrange for AutoHotKey to spot the exe launching and then do some screen-scraping to watch for the first time it's able to hit F5, then hit it once and forget until the next launch. Hmmm.

    Or maybe I'll wait until Monday and see if a wild SimGuru appears too and suggests an easier solution. ;)

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