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The Life and Times of Lilly and Rose Moss...and Curly


This is Lilly and Rose Moss, twin sisters, making their way in the world. They've just moved out on their own, to try to make it in the big, big world beyond their parent's house. Can they do it? Will they survive on their own? Thankfully, they've had a good start, with an inheritance, from a Great Aunt, when they turned 18. It wasn't a huge amount, but enough so that they could buy a modest house and maybe start a business togerther.

But how to spend the money? Buy a really nice house and work hard to save for the business venture? Start with a modest house and build up enough to buy a newer home?


They discuessed it together and decided that the best way was to start their business right away, so they found a small, yet quaint little Craftsman on a small lot, devoid of any features and decided to call it home. They knew right away that with thier combined skillsets, they they would be able to decorate it, to make it feel a little less old and run down.


Wallpaper. wallpaper always helps to make a house a home. So, they moved in, spent the whole weekend scrubbing the place down, paid someone to rip up the old dingy carpets and found a lovely wood floor underneath and immediately decided to have the old floor refinished. Once that was done, they searched for the wallpaper they wanted and found some on sale that suited both of them. PINK! WE LOVE PINK! So they spent the whole next day hanging paper, then sat back to enjoy themselves, after a hard day's work.


Lilly and Rose both grew up loving to spend time in their mother's flower garden and they decided right away, that this new home of theirs would need a garden. So, they bought a few seeds and started planting flower, which would not only make their new house feel more like home, but also help them in their business venture, to become florists and own a floral shop together.

Once their home was all squared away , they set out to find the perfect shop. They spent a couple of days looking around different areas and they finally came upon something that they both liked.


"It's perfect!", said Lilly.
"Yes, but it's going to take every penny of our inheritance and what little we saved from working to buy it and get the stock we need to open up."
"So, we'll eat Ramen for a month, until we can make some of the money back. I want it Rose! Please say Yes? I know we can do this!"
Rose laughed a nervous little laugh. "Well, with what Mom taught us about flowers and our new little garden helping with supply...I think....YES! Let's do it!"


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    So they did it.

    They spent the rest of their funds and the rest of the week cleaning, stocking and decorating their new store and then added the final touches, with a brand new sign, so that everyone would know who and what they were, 'So Many Colors Florists'. (a tip of the hat to Harry Chapin)




    They did it! They were broke, but they did it and that following Monday, they were ready to open for business. With much excitement and trepidation, they arrived, early Moinday morning, turned on the lights, unlocked the doors and got ready for their first customer.


    "We've got customers!", squaeaked Lilly, with much excitement.
    "Just finish those arrangements, silly. I'll take care of checking people out for now.", laughed Rose.


    They spent a 12 hour day, talking to customers, meeting new people and doing what they love to do best, making flower arrangements and making people happy. After a long, hard day, they ended their first day with $3880 in sales!

    Success! Tme to go home and get ready for tomorrow.


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    It's time to open again! And it's LOVE DAY!

    "We should make a killing today", said Lilly.


    "We sure do have quite a bit of people milling around outside", said Rose. "Are you sure you unlocked the front door, Lilly?"



    A sale!

    "My, My....who's that?", thought Lilly. "Sul Sul!"



    "Happy Love Day!"


    "He likes it! He likes it!"

    Rose has either been working too hard today or she needs to get better sleep during the night.


    "Work is hard.", thought Rose.

    "Rose! Go home and get some sleep!", said Lilly. "I'll close."

    "Only $335 in sales today. And on Love Day. Rose is right. Work is hard."

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