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Which sims 4 DLC do I need?

alex_alex09alex_alex09 Posts: 188 Member
So I really miss the original sims but since i can't play it right now because i don't have the disks, I was thinking of making my sims 4 gameplay as similar to the original as i can by installing the corresponding packs, but I'm not sure which ones I need. Some suggestions would be appreciated!

Livin' Large = ?
House Party = ?
Hot Date = Dine Out/ Get Together/ City Living
Vacation = Outdoor Retreat/Jungle Adventure/Seasons/Island Living
Unleashed = Cats and Dogs/ My First Pet Stuff
Superstar = Get Famous
Makin' Magic = Vampires/ Spooky Stuff


  • AlexcielAlexciel Posts: 126 Member
    edited August 2019
    Makin'Magic is more likely the World of Magic expansión that is coming on september or octuber.

    I have the spooky stuff pack, and is more like halloween party things like pumpkin carving.
    I also have the Vampire pack, that one is more interesting and adds to the game play your sims can be vampires or/and hunt vampires and has gloomy decor.
    The Packs that have impacted my game the more are: Get Famous & Get together. I don't have seasons but I suspect that it adds a lot to the game.

    Anyway, wait for the Mochino pack sale. Because is likely to come with discounts for the other packs.

    I also loved the sims 1, but I don't miss it anymore.

    Yes, Moschino sale is here!
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