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Sims 4 sim playing The Sims 1!

I had my Sims 4 sim play a game called "The Sims Forever", and it was The Sims 1! This clip shows what is on their screen and the audio when they play it. I thought it was pretty cool. I know in The Sims 2 your sim can play The Sims 3, but this was quite nostalgic. Subscribe to me if you'd like, I upload videos at least a few times a week usually.


  • OtsenaOtsena Posts: 16 Member
    I saw this before, and it's so great to see lol. I've decided to pop out my SCC and play the game (it's one heck of a process to get the game to work on Windows 10). I have a goal to complete the game (all careers, hobbies, lifestyles that interest me most). Currently, I have a household of 3 sims and 1 more added in after marriage. One is a superstar (about 4 stars now), one is in the business career and another is a scientist/mage.

    This game brings back so much nostalgia....and so much satisfaction. The fact that there is CHALLENGE in this game is what really makes it a game, in my opinion. The sims 4 has a severe lack of challenge. I mean it took me about two weeks of playing before I could move my sims into a house that cost 30,000 Simoleons!

    Then it took me about 4 tries to get 2 of my sims married/merged (I actually had to use my mage sim to cast a 'feel good' spell on the guy her friend wanted to propose to, lol).

    Glad to see that nod/reminder/respect of Sims 1 in the Sims 4, but I really hope the Sims turns back to its old roots because a lot of us older sim players miss that!

    Thank you for sharing :)
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