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Selkirk County (WIP)



  • fxchrfxchrfxchrfxchr Posts: 312 Member
    Hi, artenissimmer55!

    I had a quick look at Selkirk and I offer my initial impressions for what they are worth:

    I like that you have different regions with a different look to each. I'm not so sure about the multiple mausoleums, though. While they contribute to the regional character, perhaps one would be enough for me, with the others designated as parks (but with the name of the graveyard).

    Your world is very scenic, with forested vistas everywhere, but I wonder if so many trees might slow the game down, having to render so many?

    The angle of your shoreline looks a bit too much the same. More variation, such as flatter areas, might look better, particularly in the beach lot where the beach looks a bit too steep to get into the water in a realistic fashion.

    To the right of the beach is a straight edge that looks unsculpted, with a similar edge above the Sioux community centre.

    Also, will you be adding dock(s) and diving lot(s)? These could add to the history of your world (settler's shipwreck?)

    Please don't feel you need to implement any of my suggestions, but I hope that some have been helpful.

    Next, I will try out a few families and report back on their experiences as they explore your world.

    Keep up the good work!

    Firby nurbs!
  • artenissimmer55artenissimmer55 Posts: 40 Member
    @fxchrfxchr, thank you for your impressions! I definitely agree that the beach around the beach lot needs to be smoothed out more. The beach was actually something akin to a last minute decision when I was making this world, as I had been planning on having nothing but a rough shoreline. As for the trees, I haven't noticed any slowness in my game's running from them and my computer is around ten years old or so.

    Also, on the subject of the mausoleums, personally I've liked having three of them in my game so far. I realize that may be an unpopular opinion and if you like, I am completely willing to make another final version where there is only one mausoleum instead of three. I don't think I will be adding docks or diving lots, though, as Selkirk County is very much a Midwestern world despite having a beach/ocean area. But thanks for the tips once again!
    Sorry for the late update! Unfortunately, flu season where I live started way earlier than it usually does this year and nobody has been spared. I was able to rebuild the Hutterite houses and work on the bridges, though! I think more work will have to wait until next weekend, though, as I just found out yesterday that my weekend is going to be a lot busier than previously planned.

    I did get a picture of the exterior of the Hutterite houses - I held back on taking pictures of the interior, as there are still a few tweaks I would like to make that I only realized were needed when I finished building them.:

    I also populated my save quite a bit more since my last update and so far I haven't noticed any problems with the increase of sims. One of them even threw a party that several townies as well as a few NPCs attended!:

    The cemeteries have also been frequented by the townies, so I guess they're all in working order:

    If all goes well, I should be able to get some more work done and some more pictures taken next weekend. If not, don't fret as I will get both of those things done eventually.

    Until then!
  • artenissimmer55artenissimmer55 Posts: 40 Member
    Hello, everyone!

    Although I didn't update last weekend I've been rather busy with fixing the world for the final version. And, after much work, I think I fixed everything!

    First off I'd like to post some pictures of the interior of the Hutterite homes, as I finished tweaking them to my liking. Like the previous version, each house is actually two homes in one, with these homes actually being connected by an archway on the first floor. Each home has five bedrooms - one master, one bedroom for one person or a couple, two children bedrooms, and a nursery - plus five and a half bathrooms, as well as a full kitchen (not to mention plenty of empty space so families can personalize their homes, which I have found extremely beneficial during gameplay). The children bedrooms each have two double beds rather than two or four singles, as it's more efficient and I think probably more realistic to Hutterite homes, particularly Lehrerleut homes (the Lehrerleut are the most conservative group of Hutterites out of the three modern groups).:
    I also remodeled La Push (the beach), as it was definitely a little too rocky for the purpose that beaches serve in this game. It's still a little steep from the grass to the sand, but the sandy area is a lot more smoother, which I think is perfect for the landscape that I was going for. I also put another spawner location right behind the beach, as I noticed that the spawners in the beta version weren't spawning gems and metals as much as I would have liked:
    The bridges have been fixed as well, with the bridges now being as close to the ground as I can get them. They're not perfect, but it won't look like your sims are damaging their cars whenever they drive on them anymore:
    Additionally, I fixed some minor lot errors that I noticed while playing, mainly coloring issues. I haven't noticed any other problems besides the ones I've fixed, so I think the world is ready to go! I'm going to hold off on exporting it, though, just in case I notice anything else over the next few days. If I don't see anything else, I'll upload the world to mediafire on Wednesday.
  • artenissimmer55artenissimmer55 Posts: 40 Member
    Hello, everyone!

    I did not find anymore problems with the world other than the ones that I have already fixed, so I uploaded the final, CC-free version of Selkirk County to mediafire! The link can be found here:

    Thank you for all of your support - it has really meant a lot to me! :) If any of you have any other questions, feel free to ask! Other than that I'm going to sign off for now.
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