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Battle of the Bands Returns!!

ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 4,692 Member
Have you created a band or a singer that you adore? Well there's a new contest at SimsFilmFest with no machinima involved! (Well you CAN make machinima if you want to but you don't have to and most people don't)

All you have to do is create a band or solo singer that is not based on an actual real life band or solo singer! Give them a cool name, snap some pics and enter! You can go so far as to create promotional materials for your band, set up a social media account for them and a band tour schedule...or not! Up to you. Looking forward to seeing what all you creative minds come up with using The Sims 3.


The Sequel: Part 7


  • GLEichholzGLEichholz Posts: 129 Member
    There is a blog post on the front page of the SimsFilmFest website all about Battle of the Bands with links to some of the magazines that we have put together in the past for the bands/artists that participated. People had a lot of fun with this competition and we hope to see a bunch of you participate!

  • GLEichholzGLEichholz Posts: 129 Member
    What kind of encouragement do we need to give everyone to get some TS2 entries? XD
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 35,960 Member
    edited July 2019
    GLEichholz wrote: »
    What kind of encouragement do we need to give everyone to get some TS2 entries? XD

    I don't know. :(

    I wouldn't enter because it takes too much time to make all of those requirements. Plus, my chance of winning isn't even worth trying since I have never done a video, don't want to make a media page plus all that you want made. So, the idea of all the work put into it to the amount I would get out of it with my meager talent, the input to output ratio tells me not to even try.

    *No disrespect - that's only why I won't do it. I don't have the skills.

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