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20 (or more) questions (Round 10)

TheRoseHorseTheRoseHorse Posts: 5,480 Member
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Let's play 20 questions.
One person will choose an animal, fruit, vegetable, instrument, ect.
Everyone else will ask yes or no questions to figure it out.
Guesses count as questions.
You can't ask another question until your previous question is answered.
Questions build on each other
Number each question so we can count how long it takes for someone to guess right.
Whoever guesses the item correctly gets to pick an item next.

A: 1. Is it an animal?
B: 2. Is it alive?
C: 3. Is it an instrument?
Item chooser: A-yes B-yes C-no
(A,B,and C can now ask another question)
C: 4. Is it a dog?
Item chooser: It is a Dog. It's C's turn.
C: Ok. I'm ready.

I'll start. Ask away.
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