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Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened....

SimGuruKateSimGuruKate Posts: 38 SimGuru (retired)
Hello SimFam -

It is with sadness that I am letting you know that today is my last day with EA/The Sims. While this wasn’t an easy decision, I am stepping away from the world of community management to focus on being with and taking care of my family. Working on this game, and with this amazing Development Team, as Global Community Manager has been a dream come true and the highlight of my career. As a lifelong Simmer (who was inspired to get into this industry because of The Sims) getting to help build and grow this community has been nothing short of incredible. I am looking forward to all of you doing amazing things as Simmers, Creators, and Game Changers. I know you will absolutely love what the team has in store for you this year.

My ask to you as I leave is that you be kind and support one another, and do all you can to make this and the community a safe and happy place. Continue to welcome and support SimGuruFrost as he and all the SimGurus guide this amazing community.

While this is goodbye for now, I love this game/franchise and community so much and I promise you I won’t disappear for good, though now I get to enjoy this game just as another fan and Simmer. If you’d like to keep in touch feel free to follow me on my personal Twitter at https://twitter.com/KatWhispurrer or my Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/katwhispurrer/.

Until we meet again....
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