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Muscle Definition disappeared in live mode (PS4)

AmavariAmavari Posts: 135 Member
edited May 2019 in The Sims 4 Game Feedback
I know that this has been an issue before after having looked it up, but I just started up a new game recently and after leveling my sims fitness to 10 on the whole family I noticed that none of them have any definition, I have never been interested in sims becoming the incredible hulk.. but looking battle hardened and having abs is kind of a must on this particular family

It's odd, I never had this issue until now, it's the same exact problem I found described too: and that was from several years ago. my sims will look fit and have the amount of muscle I was going for in the creation screen, or on very rare occasions it will show up until the next time I load my game, then it just disappears.
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