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Dine Out: Running your own Restaurants is still a mess

Running a restaurants is an absolute mess. Sadly, I think there are more bugs now than there were when Dine Out was originally released.

I decided to start a restaurant. First, I was unable to save outfits for the staff. It would take me into CAS, I would create an outfit, but then it would not save the outfits. There seemed to be no workaround for the issue, so I just gave up.
Once I got the restaurant up and running, my staff started having issues. During an 8 hour shift, my chef did not cook a single meal for the guests. I tried resetting her, moving around the cooking station and removed any objects that might be in the way. Nothing worked, so I just closed the restaurant.
The next day, I tried again. At first it was going great, but after a couple in-game hours, the chef just stopped cooking anything. I stopped accepting customers, and there were only 4 customers left to serve, but she just refused to serve them any food. Eventually, the customers got angry and left.

In addition to issues with the staff, the customers have all sorts of routing issues. They are constantly walking around the room, socializing with people across the room. I've even had customers leave their tables and go out for a jog. Sometimes I can't even tell who's been seated because everyone is standing around.

The Sim's team should really work on fixing up this pack, because it really is fun to run your own restaurant, but the numerous bugs and issues make it unpleasant and unplayable.


  • queenvortex808queenvortex808 Posts: 1,033 Member
    I relate. I tried to create a custom outfit and I got kicked off and lost my save. It seems all my employees think I am running them ragged.
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  • Sky97Sky97 Posts: 19 Member
    I've never tried to make one, thanks for the heads up.
  • MaglxisbackMaglxisback Posts: 250 Member
    this game is a mess. period
  • BobisbaeBobisbae Posts: 213 Member
    I think this all happened after the pre Strangerville patch or maybe it was Get Famous idk I kind of took a break between the two. But I'm having the same issues can't save edited uniforms, chefs aren't cooking, and sims aren't showing up to eat at the same time if they are in a group.
  • amber_ilumireamber_ilumire Posts: 1,319 Member
    I constantly have customers getting up and moving between orders, but nothing like this. I haven’t been back to my restaurant in a little while though. Maybe it’s been an issue with the patch?
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