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What happened to your Capp family?

HejixHejix Posts: 1,052 Member
Been playing the Capp in Sims 3. ;P Can't install Sims 2 right now. So, what happened to Goneril, Regan and Consort in your game?

Here is Contessa celebrating Kent's birthday with Consort and Regan in the background. There is Mr. Thebe, in the mirror, Consort's father, also celebrating.


Teen Regan applying makeup...



My Kent Capp once tried to kill himself with a machine to be resurrected (you know, that strange wish logic sims have... :/). He did really wild experiments. Bianca did not really liked it. They had a daughter together. She was really snob. For some reason they were evil...

My Consort was really obsessed with flowers and curtains. Eventually, Tybalt bought a robot that electrocuted all the family and put fire to the manor.

Juliet had plenty of kids with Romeo but found it was too hard to handle and ran away with my legacy sim, leaving Romeo alone with the kids...

Hermia married Puck Summerdream and got her own full face makeup.

Goneril's husband ended up in the military. He once was electrocuted repairing the microwave.
I want to play ALL the premade families! One day...


  • Riskagen88Riskagen88 Posts: 9 New Member
    I haven't played them for many years now, actually... let's see what I can remember. Tybalt is at the university now and has a girlfriend called Astrud. Hermia got together with Puck. I am trying to find a different romantic interest for Miranda (she is called Nicoline in my game) because Mercutio now has a girlfriend called Statisia. (I took her for the name, yes. ^_^) I think I wanted to get Hal together with Bottom Summerdream, but I'm not sure. Woah, there's a lot to be played out.
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