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DarkAngel1994's Sims Creations

I thought I would show you the Sims I made in my game, except for one who was born in-game.

Feel free to comment. :)

Christian Antoine
Traits: Self-Assured, Genius, Ambitious
Aspiration: Archaeology Scholar
Bio: A professional supernatural hunter, just like his family from many generations. How he got the scars was from a rogue werewolf that was terrorizing the town. He was to become the clan leader after his brother's retirement, but after nearly losing his sister, he declined the offer and decided to live somewhere in peace with the love of his life and their daughter. Not only does he despied werewolves, but also vampires ever since Vladislaus broke in and drank from Jonathan late night.

Jonathan Antoine (nee Ackerman)
Traits: Outgoing, Snob, Creative
Aspiration: Successful Lineage
Bio: Raised in a rich family, but rather live a simple life, just like his sister. His interest of the supernatural came from his grandparents. Now, he works at a hospital, where he met Christian to tend on his wounds he got from a rogue werewolf. He knew about Christian's past from Jacquelyn and hoped his daughter doesn't find out about it when she grows up.

Juliet Antoine
Traits: Independent
Bio: Daughter of Christian and Jonathan.

Sarah Ackerman
Traits: Foodie, Family-Oriented, Hot-Headed
Aspiration: Freelance Botanist
Bio: Jonathan's twin sister. Never had good relationship with her parents when they arranged a marriage for her with the CEO's snobbish son and was kicked out after her secret lover was discovered.

Vivian Ackerman
Traits: Geek, Bro, Cheerful
Aspiration: Computer Whiz.
Bio: She and Sarah first met at the GeekCon in San Myshuno and soon fell in love. They kept their relationship a secret, but the only one who knew about them was Jonathan. After being discovered from Sarah's parents, Vivian took her in to her house at Willow Creek, where they lived happily together and are expecting.

Luis Antoine
Traits: Active, Bro, Erratic
Aspiration: Chief of Mischief
Bio: Christian's older brother. He was once the leader of the Antoine clan, but after falling unconscious for two weeks from a werewolf attack, it left Luis a bit loony. He can still go on missions with his siblings, but would have to take a easy, which worried his sister.

Jacquelyn Antoine
Traits: Hot-Headed, Family-Oriented, Loves Outdoors
Aspiration: Renaissance Sim
Bio: Christian's older sister, and the current leader of the Antoine clan. She and Christian usually fight over who's the strongest hunter, but Jacquelyn knew her little brother takes a lot after their father for his confident to protect his family. She nearly died during the werewolf attack if it wasn't for Christian to intervene the werewolf from finishing her off.

Svetlana Asem
Traits: Materialistic, Music Lover, Family-Oriented
Aspiration: World-Famous Celebrity
Bio: Jonathan's childhood friend and a vampire psychic. Grew up in a decent family and wanted to be just like her mother, who was a movie star. The only vampire Christian would trust (along with the Vatores) after Vladislaus broke into his home and drank Jonathan in the middle of the night.


  • BrocNoodleBrocNoodle Posts: 28 Member
    Nice Job. I like Vivian the best.
  • DarkAngel1994DarkAngel1994 Posts: 567 Member
    edited April 2019
    @BrocNoodle Thanks :)

    Made new Sims for the Legacy Challenge.

    Tristan Payne (nee Hathaway)
    Traits: Family-Oriented, Romantic, Loves Outdoors
    Aspiration: Renaissance Sim
    Bio: Current founder the Legacy Challenge. He was raised by his single mother and never knew about his father. Growing up, he spent most of his time outside than any other kids and only made a few close friends. While at Windenburg, he was invited to a party at the Bluffs, where he met Hunter and soon fell in love. What he doesn't know was that he fell for a vampire, until he was bitten by accident. Although the first thing he would do was to stay away, but Tristan accepted Hunter for who he is, and they eloped at the Ancient Ruins before he met his now sister-in-law, Angel.

    Hunter Payne
    Traits: Hot-headed, Music Lover, Self-Assured
    Aspiration: Master Vampire
    Bio: Hunter is the dark prince and the heir of the Payne Coven. He never got along with his father after he came out of the closet, and the only ones who supported him was his mother and sister. While he and his sister went to Windenburg, he met an attractive human man, Tristan, at a party at the Bluffs and knew he found his soulmate, despite their differences.
    Hunter's dark form

    Angel Payne
    Traits: Hot-headed, Ambitious, Romantic
    Aspiration: Vampire Family
    Bio: Angel was supposed to be the next heir, since her brother denied it, but she too didn't want to and ran away from home. She found a small, quaint town, Forgotten Hollow, and met her brother and his husband. Nowhere to go, Angel moved in with them.
    Angel's dark form
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  • StarflareStarflare Posts: 13 New Member
    Nice sims! Love the bios and attention to the details. Good luck on the legacy challenge! :smiley:
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