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Oh. Yes, the cute babbling babies that we use in our every simlife. If you have one.❤ I honestly can't play The Sims without them every time I create a household are usually include a toddler. How bout you guys? Anyways, which of the options below would you like to see for our adorable little tots?


Twin bunk beds🖤
ClassicalSim3KNPencatmando830AllieSootieLaneBoy1995hermioniaSilentSaphire21J2Jmiandallas 9 votes
More interactions to other sims💜
Bluefairy286wedthesimmerEarcatEricasFreePlayYuriTheCreatorLeosimsIVXXXVI 7 votes
Finvoladobber321CatsRulekaiwrysimstheuser 5 votes
Buildable daycare💚
tnb494Sigzy05GeekMonkey34B21Teena94SimAlexandriaSlayer_Rose 6 votes
More interesting skills💛
leavebellaalone 1 vote
Ill comment my idea,thanks💔
Bluelleannaliese39Pamtastic72Simmermartymunroelenerdfashion 6 votes


  • munroelemunroele Posts: 276 Member
    Ill comment my idea,thanks💔
    I feel like toddlers are already pretty complete, i think the only thing id want is the option for them to swim in a pool, as many kids start swimming lessons as toddlers, and even skating, holding an adults hands, or maybe even bowling with the guider. Just let them do the ssme stuff as adults and kids, just make it age appropriate.
    Im personally not fussed about any of the other options :smiley:
  • BluelleBluelle Posts: 238 Member
    Ill comment my idea,thanks💔
    Functional friggin high chairs. Remove the timer that makes them call for an adult to come let them out after a certain amount of time.
  • LeosimsLeosims Posts: 36 Member
    More interactions to other sims💜
    Toodlers Dont NEED that Because It dont talk. So when they grow up. they do it.
  • 3KNPen3KNPen Posts: 2,822 Member
    edited March 2019
    Twin bunk beds🖤
    I said bunk beds but only so long as we also get regular twin-sized bunk beds and loft beds for non toddler sims as well.

    Honestly though I feel like the tots are pretty well off right now as are kiddos. I'd much rather get some more teen or elder centric content that we're in much more desperate need of right now.
    ~ ~ ~
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,684 Member
    Ill comment my idea,thanks💔
    Toddlers need to go to PRESCHOOL, that's what.

    But it also needs to be optional and cost like, 100 Simoleans.
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  • SimmermartySimmermarty Posts: 44 Member
    Ill comment my idea,thanks💔
    I think they don't need to much more. I think they need more base game CAS items tho.
  • annaliese39annaliese39 Posts: 2,097 Member
    edited March 2019
    Ill comment my idea,thanks💔
    Yes, I adore toddlers! I'm reluctant to age up my sim's daughter since she's so darn cute. As a family player, I would always welcome anything new for toddlers (as well as any age group other than just adults). I would love more interactions, CAS traits, clothing, a playpen, lot traits for toddler parks, and daycare lots with an associated career. Also buggies/strollers and changing tables for toddlers, as well as free babies.
  • Slayer_RoseSlayer_Rose Posts: 56 Member
    Buildable daycare💚
    This was so hard for me to pick but I'd love the daycare! That would be so much fun!! Bunkbeds would be amazing too!
  • miandallasmiandallas Posts: 22 Member
    Twin bunk beds🖤
    I got spoiled off the bunk beds in sims 3, I'd love to bring those back. I saved so much space having bunk beds!
  • Pamtastic72Pamtastic72 Posts: 2,861 Member
    Ill comment my idea,thanks💔
    More clothes & hairstyles!
  • GorgeoiousGorgeoious Posts: 111 Member
    Mine need all of the above plus those little rocking horses.
  • FinvolaFinvola Posts: 832 Member
    It was tough having to choose one but I miss the playpen. The bunk beds I'd prefer for kids over toddlers.
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