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Post your Families

- What’s your favourite family to play with?
- Did you make them or are they a preset family?
- How many people are in them?
- What traits do they all have?
- Careers / Clubs they do?

I’m looking for new ideas on traits and possibly more outfits I can use on my sims to mix my games up a bit...

I tend to make loads of sims and put them all in the same save game so I feel like I need more of a variety.

Any ideas are welcome 😊

I play on PS4 so if you play on PC I’m not as up to date as you. But I do have all the packs available to me to date. I also can’t view the gallery.

Pictures of them are welcome 😊 X


  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 9,766 Member
    You accidentally posted this in The Sims 3 creative corner and I see from your post history that you play The Sims 4. Here's a link to their Sims and Modeling section:

    But I'll answer anyway. :tongue:

    I typically play sims that I make, though they always marry EA made sims who happen to live in the town. But my favorite family I've ever played were The Costovas. They are/were a large and complicated family to explain, but here's my best shot:

    The family consists of:

    -Mia Costova, the founder, a former actress and the mother of (in the order of their birth) Seth, Alexis, and twins Maria and Cecilia. I may have Seth and Alexis out of order...Mia married Alexis's dad two times, so I'm not sure which time she had Alexis. :lol: I told you it was complicated!
    -Simon Steele, Mia's third husband (After Matthew Hamming and Devin Ashton. She had no kids with Matthew) and father of Seth.
    -Devin Ashton, Mia's second and fourth husband :lol: father of Alexis and Donya.
    -Amir Khadem, Devin's husband and father of Donya.
    -Donya Khadem, daughter of Devin and Amir.
    -Seth Costova, son of Mia and Simon, father of Sasha.
    -Sean Costova, son of Lisa and Jeremy Davis, husband of Seth, father of Sasha.
    -Sasha Costova, daughter of Seth and Sean.
    -Alexis Ashton, daughter of Mia and Devin, wife of Eddy Mullis, mother of Timothy and Kelly.
    -Eddy Mullis, husband of Alexis, father of Timothy and Kelly.
    -Timothy Mullis, son of Eddy and Alexis.
    -Kelly Mullis, twin of Timothy, daughter of Eddy and Alexis.
    -Tyson Ashton, son of Alexis and Steven Perez.
    -Cecilia Costova, daughter of Mia and Amir.
    -Maria Costova, daughter of Mia and Amir, twin of Cecilia.
    -Heather Davis, sister of Sean.
    -Kylie Davis, sister of Sean.
    -Lisa Davis, mother of Sean.
    -Jeremy Davis, father of Sean.
    -Salavtore, boy toy husband of Mia. :lol:
    -Bernie Costova, Mia's cat. :3

    Phew, okay that should be the family consists of a total of 18 people. Obviously, they are split up into multiple households. :lol: I would play them rotationally using mods, so I got to play everyone and not leave their fates up to Story Progression.

    Here's pics. :smile: Going to spoiler tag them since there are a ton. :lol:
    Mia and Salvatore:


    Salvatore and Bernie watching TV. :lol:

    Mia in her much younger days, sporting what would be her signature red hair, with her first husband Matthew Hamming.




    Alexis and Eddy


    Happy Eddy :smile:


    Donya holding Sasha :3

    Amir and Devin :love:



    Devin and he and Amir's dog whose name I forgot. :lol:

    Seth and Sean



    Sasha :3

    Sasha and Sean :heart:



    Simon Steele reconnecting with Seth. He had been estranged for most of Seth's life.

    Alexis and Eddy meeting at University.

    Didn't take them long to fall in love. :3

    Seth dancing with Alexis on his wedding day. :heart:

    Bernie playing in the bathtub. :lol:

    Toddler Tyson playing with Bernie

    Alexis being way too close to Steven, her stepfather at the time. :grimace: Yes, this family is a bit dramatic.

    Mia and Amir on the set of the movie they were shooting when the affair happened. :lol:

    Mia and Devin

    Mia with second lover, Michael Sleep. Brother of Matthew Hamming. :lol:

    Mia and Bernie

    Mia and Devin's wedding day

    And, finally, here's one of little toddler Seth looking like he's about to punch Devin in the face. :lol:

    Every time I post about them, it makes me want to play them again. :lol:
    My conversions (previews of each clothing item are included):
    Set 1
    Set 2
    Set 3
    V2 Set 1
    V2 Set 1-2
  • BillieJoXBillieJoX Posts: 23 Member
    @Emily4331 Sorry didn’t realise I posted it in the wrong area 😬😅

    That sounds like a bit of a complicated family 😅 but plum they look like perfection 😍😍

    Thank you for replying aha xx
  • southparkgoth666southparkgoth666 Posts: 2 New Member
    My family is one I made, I usually make my own families. I'm gonna start off by saying that I'm really weird and have this bizarre obsession with the Austrian and Spanish Habsburg dynasty, particularly Charles II of Spain, and I have this big old weird crush on him and I fantasize of marrying him or at least his ghost and having kids with him. Yeah, weird I know. So my family is myself married to his ghost, our 4 sons based on 4 dolls I have as I collect dolls that I imagine as our children, and my IRL cat. Also, my simself is currently pregnant by Charles with their/our 5th child together although not showing yet, and Charles I made temporarily human and alien pregnant via mods since I have a mod that conflicts with alien pregnant occult men and Charles is a ghost, and I'm obsessed with making my male sims alien pregnant, and I really like how abduction male pregnancies are treated as a parasite more than a regular Sims 3 pregnancy. So my family consists of:
    Cheyenne, my self sim, wife to Charles, mother of teen Gregory, child Damien, toddler Charlie, baby Louis, and pregnant again with a baby I'm naming Lucius if another boy and Renesmee if a girl.
    Charles, husband of Cheyenne and father of the boys and Cheyenne's pregnancy, also alien pregnant with a baby I'm naming Zim if a boy and Astrid if a girl.
    Gregory, teen son based on my haunted doll Gregory who is an antique porcelain haunted doll housing the spirit of a 14-year-old boy from the 1600's I own IRL.
    Damien, child son based on the kid from The Omen and my Living Dead Doll IRL.
    Charlie, toddler son based on Charles's childhood and my reborn toddler doll IRL.
    Louis, baby son based on the baby from Eraserhead and a clay doll of it I made myself IRL.
    Marjory, my IRL cat.
    At least 2 unborn babies, one an alien (Lucius/Renesmee and Zim/Astrid).
  • Teena94Teena94 Posts: 49 Member
    So i started a new family because I hadn't played in months and felt the need for a fresh start. Sometimes I like to start off with a struggle family. So I started with a married couple, Matthew and Grace Marino. I gave them a teenage daughter, Amelia-Grace Marino. I moved them into Daisy Hovel in Willow Creek. I then killed off the parents so the teen was living alone.

    Amelia-Grace had to juggle high school with a part time job in a fast food place and basically work her way up. She did well in both and when she aged up, I started her in the Actor career. This was also my first time properly playing Get Famous, so it was nice to try my chances at fame. Anyway she did really well in her career and is currently a Silver Screen Actress.

    In this time, I realised that she was getting older and she still hadn't had kids. I really wasn't interested in giving her a family life but I always like to continue legacies, so I really needed her to have a kid to continue her family name. So I had her hook up with her longtime friend and colleague, Nobuya Yakamoto. I kinda like to think of it as him just helping his friend out and donating plum lol.

    So Amelia-Grace gave birth to a baby girl, Nilani-Grace Marino. She just aged up to a toddler and she's super cute. Amelia-Grace just gained a new celebrity status and Global Superstar which is exciting, so I'm giving her a break from acting and just letting her chill at home and make vlogs and live stream a lot to build up her fanbase even more.

    So for now, she's enjoying just spending time with her daughter and taking a break from her life as an actress. She'll go back to work when Nilani turns into a child or maybe once she gains a few toddler skills and I feel confident enough to leave her in the care of a nanny. I'm also contemplating making a new sim and moving her into the household to act as a live-in nanny for Nilani. Idk yet lol but I'll figure it out haha.
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