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Which Mod Creators Are Still Taking Requests in 2019???

TroyTalksTroyTalks Posts: 69 Member
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I usually get mods from the popular "modthesims" website or the extremely helpful NRAAS site but there is a lack of Supernatural mods that I would like to request and the mods that do exist seem to no be longer supported by their creators, which makes me afraid to download. So where can us sims 3 players in 2019 turn to for mod makers?
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  • igazorigazor Posts: 16,915 Member
    In case you weren't aware, there haven't been any changes to the game files for just over five years now. If a mod worked and made players happy in 2014 as evidenced by forum discussions where the mod is hosted, it should still do exactly the same today. Also, in addition to MTS, have you browsed the offerings from The Sims Asylum? While TFM, Bluegen, Shimrod, etc. aren't actively modding for TS3 these days, they still have quite a lot to offer over there.
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  • TroyTalksTroyTalks Posts: 69 Member
    Thanks again for your help :) ; I didn't know about The Sims Asylum. I'm taking a look now to see what they offer.
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