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Aus/NZ Sims 4 Discord?

Kia ora!

Was just wondering if there's a Discord channel for Australian & Kiwi Simmers? Had a cheeky look through the forum and couldn't find one, unless I'm blind, and Google just sent me back here.

If there isn't one already, would anyone be keen on creating a discord?

Thanks in advance!
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  • grevilliabluegrevilliablue Posts: 124 Member
    What's a discord?
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 10,351 Member
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  • stellanovastellanova Posts: 43 Member
    What's a discord?

    It's a lot like Slack or Skype - instant messaging you can do from your phone or computer, except you can have tailored channels for different topics. Think like the forum here, but instant and live chatting!

    Simgirl1010 linked some helpful things above ^^
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  • SorceressSorceress Posts: 909 Member
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    Sorry was tired and don't even know what I wrote here but basically I agree with all the above about what discord is.
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