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Purdue legacy and more! Gameplay thread.

DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 595 Member
The Purdue legacy, my Sims 4 family which was never intended to stick around for multiple generations, but did anyway. I had a website for my Sims and gameplay but it's now offline. Here's the old thread, it has some of the earliest stories, but doesn't make as much sense since the website went offline.

I keep track of the family tree on the Plum Tree app, but the gallery on that has been down for a long time, so here's a screenshot of the current branch:


Threads like 'What happened in your game today?' are threads I am very fond of, but unfortunately, due to a bad internet connection, I can hardly load them. :disappointed: So I'll keep this thread to still be able to share my gameplay.

My founder, Jocelyn Dale, a sim I created to play the detective career with. She married Ollie Purdue, one of the pre-made sims in the gallery. That's why this family has the Purdue name. They had one son, who in turn had four kids! The family tree continues from there.

I now play rotational, long lifespan and with MCCC installed for story progression in my Sims 4 world. Keeping track of family trees has grown to be the thing I enjoy most about playing the game. Not only do I track my played tree, but also trees of other sims in the world. :smiley:

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  • DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 595 Member
    edited December 2018
    Current played households:

    Left to right:
    • Generation 5, 6 and 7. With grandpa Trevor, his son Victor + wife Annie Doran and their youngest three kids, teen Andrew, kid Susan and toddler Erin.
    • Generation 5's ex Annabel Feng, erratic woman and vampire! Mother of Victor, making her young son Nicholas the half brother of Victor. Nicholas is also the grandson of Vladislaus Straud.
    • Trevor's youngest son / Victor's younger brother, Elliot. Elliot froze to death while meditating at the spa during a blizzard, leaving behind his wife Estrella and their two daughters. He now lives with them as a ghost.
    • Diane Purdue is Victor and Annie's oldest daughter, she is an Outdoor Enthusiast and she married the hermit of granite falls, James, who she has two sons with; Robin and Steven.
    • Timmy Doran, the younger brother of Annie, and his wife Monica and their toddler Erika.
    • Daniel Purdue, Victor and Annie's oldest son and Diane's twin brother. He married Aisha Tipton and they have twin boys; Tobias and Sebastian. Daniel is a painter and has his own (work)shop.
  • JmaraaJmaraa Posts: 215 Member
    Wow!!! I do love how you organized this and showed each family! Smart and easy! Also very interesting how the family turned out by gen 7! Obviously, we dont have time to play each and every premade so it's nice whenever someone uses one as a base character! You sure are dedicated to this family haha I usually give up after a a gen or 2
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  • DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 595 Member
    edited December 2018
    @Jmaraa thank you! I am glad you like my family. ^_^

    I see you're currently also playing a premade family, the Vatores, how cool! They also have a role in my game. There are several pre-made families which have branched out in my game, including Vatore, Straud, Lothario, Munch, Goth and Landgraab.

    Playing for so many generations takes some creativity. You need to keep thinking of new ways to keep the gameplay interesting. Personally I find playing rotationally the best way to avoid it becoming tedious to go on!

    You might enjoy seeing this too. The Straud - Vatore family in my game. Lilith married Vlad's son Hector and they had triplets. Caleb lives with them. Hector, Lilith's husband, is also the father of Nicholas, Annabel's son. :tongue:
    I'd love to have a look at your wordpress but just like other threads, the site is too heavyweight for my internet connection to handle. Takes forever for the pages to load. Do you maybe have a family overview of your Vatores? :smile:
  • JmaraaJmaraa Posts: 215 Member
    @DinowCookie WOW!! I LOVE SEEING THEM!!!

    Haha very funny how you've merged them with Vlad's family! Interesting, giving me some ideas for future generations haha!


    I do have this thread for now for updates, didn't realize wordpress could be content heavy for some peoples connections. I'll post some visual updates on the forum too! Thanks for that idea also haha!
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    Current Story: vatorelegacy.wordpress.com An OG pre-made fam - Vampire game play
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  • DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 595 Member
    @Jmaraa I'd love to see some of your Vatores on your forum thread ^_^

    As for the Strauds and Vatores, it all went automatically through MCCC but it married Lilith with Hector and Caleb with Ceceilia, who was Vlad's human daughter and since passed away. An interesting coincidence how it matched them like that!
  • DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 595 Member
    edited December 2018
    Trevor and his girlfriend Paulina! His fourth partner after Annabel (vamp girlfriend!), Paulina (wife) and Kyra Landgraab (second wife). Kind of awkward how she has the same name as his first wife.. But oh well, they're having good fun!

    And one of Victor and Annie. ^_^ A geeky gamer and ambitious businesswoman, it's a surprise this relationship is still going strong!

  • DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 595 Member
    edited December 2018
    Annabel gave Phoebe Vatore (Caleb's daugher), girlfriends at the time, the vampirism cure! They're now no longer a couple, but still best friends, Phoebe moved out to enjoy her life as a normal human. ^_^

  • HejixHejix Posts: 930 Member
    edited December 2018
    Wow. I rarely get passed the second generation! Congrats. ;)
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  • DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 595 Member
    @Hejix thanks! :smiley: Hehe it does take some dedication to continue playing the same save for so long. But once you're used to it, it's great fun. :blush:
  • DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 595 Member
    edited December 2018
    Andrew, Victor and Annie's teen son, has a girlfriend. Her name is Breana Crouse.
    He took her on a date. And guess who also showed up? Nearly the entire family! How convenient. :smirk:

    Andrew and Breana:
    ^ With his aunt Clementine to the left

    Andrew's older brother Daniel + wife Aisha:

    Andrew's aunt Estrella and his uncle Timmy:

    And to top it all off, his grandmother vampire Annabel!:

    Poor Andrew had the 'Familial Distress' moodlet the entire evening. :sweat_smile:
    Having such a big family isn't always convenient!
  • DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 595 Member
    After maxing his video gaming and programming skills, Victor now also has a level 10 parenting skill! :smiley:
    No wonder with 5 children :open_mouth:
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