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How to Kill 10 Sims to Seduce the Grim Reaper

hugsfromhannahhugsfromhannah Posts: 152 Member
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Hello, hey, hi.

So, I haven't really played The Sims in a few years, but I recently decided to start playing again because I had a few days to do absolutely nothing. I found out that I had a bunch of unused points in the store, so I got Midnight Hollow. I was always HUGE Sims 2 fan (it's where I started) so when I saw Olive Specter and Nervous Subject, I freaked out a little.

Then, this glorious, evil idea sparked inside of me: I was going to make a cute, psycho, goth girl who seduces people and kills them to get to the Grim Reaper, kind of like Olive Specter has been rumored to do.

I got some inspiration from Yandere Simulator. It's a great game that's still in development. If you haven't heard of it, you should check it out. You play a psycho Japanese schoolgirl, and you have to "eliminate" rivals to get to your "senpai."

In this case, Grim is Senpai.

Angel's father died in a tragic accident when she was a teenager. On that day, she met someone (or something) very special. She fell in love with death. After sniffing around, she discovered the whereabouts of his ex-girlfriend, Olive Specter. Newly orphaned, she packed her bags and moved to Midnight Hollow on a quest to find and seduce The Grim Reaper.

I gave her the Flirty, Evil, No Sense of Humor, Insane, and Supernatural Fan traits.

I gave her the lifetime wish of Heartbreaker, which is being the girlfriend of 10 different sims.

So basically my screwed up goals for this game:
  • Be in relationships with 10 sims.
  • Kill said 10 sims in 10 different ways.
  • Don't use money, mood, or relationship cheats.
  • When lifetime wish is completed, add Grim Reaper to household.
  • Marry Grim Reaper.
  • Raise Grim Reaper baby.

Something like this has probably already been done, I don't care. I did it anyways.
P.S. I just realized I could make an actual challenge revolving around this. This was actually challenging. I'm totally making a challenge. Someone tell me if it's already been done, though, so I don't look dumb.

1. Stevie Edmonds - Death by Fire

Stevie doesn't know what this breakup really means...

I started out the game with Angel having a pre-made guinea pig, Stevie; however, I found out that he doesn't count towards the LTW. So I figured, hey, why not kill 9 Sims PLUS this guy, and have Death be relationship numero 10? I'm still killing 10 Sims, but the "ahhh, ahhhh, ahhhhhhhh" sounds will happen when the Grim Reaper becomes her boyfriend. Cool.

"I've already been hospitalized five times for eating Flamin' Hot Jelly Beans™, but I'm not going to let that stop me!"

I decided I wanted the first death to be by jelly bean, because I think the purple and blue looks pretty wicked. So I had him eat a bazillion of these potentially lethal suckers.

Death by Flamin Hot Jelly Bean™

But... he burned to death instead. I was still satisfied with this, because I could just make someone else purple. I probably would've caught someone on fire, anyways, I'll let it be this guy. His death was basically just an excuse for Angel to talk to Olive anyways.

2. Olive Specter - Death by Old Age

Olive Specter and young Nervous Subject

Did I mention that I moved next door to Olive and Nervous? Did I mention my plan to seduce Olive, marry her, kill her, steal her house, and raise Nervous as my own?

"Hi, I'm Angel. I just moved in next door. I also had a lover die in a tragic accident. On a side note, WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE GRIM REAPER?"

So, I made Angel seduce Olive. I ended up taking care of most of Nervous's needs because like, she's a terrible mom. But becoming her girlfriend took a lot of effort, because of course, she has commitment issues.

"'Til death do us part."

So yeah, it took quite a bit of time, but I convinced Olive to marry me. Then I noticed that she had the unlucky trait. I figured I had a couple of options, but Angel was gonna have to get really good at alchemy.

Insert clever caption about magic or potions or murder or something here.

I decided that I was going to try to use Age of Instant to make her an old, wrinkly lady. I figured I'd throw it on her twice. Once to be old, another time to die.

Just a sweet old lady who's ready to reunite with her ex, DEATH.

Here's the thing, I didn't realize that I couldn't throw it at an elder. So like. I still wanted her to die from old age, since I spent forever mastering the alchemy skill and getting the ingredients and making these potions. I cheated and triggered the age transition. (This is the only time I cheated other than to fix a glitch, I swear.)

"I'm going to do what you did, but better. Senpai won't leave me like he left you."

I put her grave right next to her husband, Ichabod's. At first, I was really mad that the "stepmom" and "stepson" family icons between Nervous and Angel disappeared when Olive died, but later on, you'll see why I'm glad it didn't stick later. I made Nervous and Angel hate each other because like, she killed his mom (lol).

3. Cedrick Winchester- Death by Jelly Bean

"Yeah, sorry to WooHoo with you, make you my boyfriend, move you in, then break up with you, but you're going to die anyways. So you'll get over it."

Cedrick was really, really easy to seduce and kill. He was Angel's boss, who I'd given the Criminal career. She got a wish to see his ghost, and I was like, bet. Every time she went to work, she basically did the action where it improves their relationship. By the time Olive was dead, the bar was completely full. So I invited him over and seduced him. Then I made him eat a bunch of jelly beans.

"I died in the fetal position? Great."

He caught on fire a bazillion times and I just kept having Angel put him out. Eventually, he died of an actual poisonous bean. Shocker.

"At least I'm still handsome."

Do you see why I love the jelly bean death? The ghosts look so cool!

4. Julian Poirot- Death by Starvation

"This girl is wearing a swimsuit in the middle of winter. Another nonconformist! She's perfect!"

I'm sorry, but when I saw this guy in her coworker relationships, I knew immediately I had to kill him. He's a classic sadboi who probably wouldn't care about dying anyways. I found out he had the artistic trait, so I decided that I was going to make him a "starving artist." Get it?

"This potion will give you the ability to die basically." "Oh, cool."

I found out that this unfortunate soul had the unlucky trait. Unluckily for him, Angel is a master alchemist now. She created a few Personality Adjusters, but we only needed one of them before the trait was replaced by something of insignificance.

"I was looking forward to dying, anyways."

After locking him in the living room, he stayed alive for what seemed like forever. He learned some alchemy, peed himself, slept on the couch, and cried a lot. But eventually, Senpai came for his soul.

I literally stopped writing this post, went into my game, made Julian playable from the Philosopher's Stone, and took this picture because I didn't have one of his ghost.

Of course, Angel had been having small conversations with The Reaper here and there, but she hadn't quite caught his attention yet. On to the next.

5. Lucy Lau- Death by Rant

"It's cool, I only wanted to drink your blood, anyways."

I wanted to burn a vampire. This was my original goal. So I found Lucy, the athletic, rebellious blood-sucker. I found out that they can't die from overexposure, which surprised me. I was sure I had killed vampires like this before. Well, I guess not. So I put her out in the sunlight before I found out this knowledge.

"Say it to my face, m8."

I tried to give her something to do while she was outside cooking. She was a rebel, so I had her rant. I saw "Death" as an option and thought it was fitting. I go back, and she's dying? No, syke, she's alive. But Grim's like, "Uh, you know I have the power to kill you, right? Better not rant again, homegirl." So what do I do? I rant again.

She's mean, green, lean, and freed (from the torture that is life).

I'll be honest, this was an accident. I had no idea death by rant was even POSSIBLE. I was pleasantly surprised. If I were to ever die like a Sim, this would be it for sure. I go on and on about theories of life and death IRL.

6. Lucien Hyde- Death by Greed

"Has anyone ever told you that you look like Marilyn Manson?

When I found this Marilyn Manson lookalike, I knew that he had to be next on the kill list.

"Hey, my corpse is worth as much as my albums. How about that."

At this point, Angel had saved up enough LTR to buy the Philosopher's Stone. When I did the Legacy Challenge, this is how I made money. I'd move in random Sims on the lot and have them make gold until THEY were gold. Then I'd sell their corpse.

"Take care of Luke, he's a good boy."

Lucien left behind a cute doggo named Luke. I had him for a long time before he got taken away because I didn't pay attention to him. Whoops.

Angel of Death

Oh, yeah. Before Lucien's ultimate demise, I had him turn Angel into a vampire. She was nearing the end of young adulthood, even though the lifespan was set to "long." *Starts singing Forever Young by Alphaville...* Guys, this took a WHILE.

7. Eliza Ainsley- Death by Thirst

"I've been a vampire for like 2 minutes. I basically want to see what would happen to me if I stopped drinking blood."

Vampire round two! I found this pretty girl who lives all alone and I thought she could use some company. I also thought she'd be fun to kill. I wanted a red ghost with a bleeding heart. She's perfect!

♫ I'm a loser baaabyyyyy, so why don't you kill meeeeee ♫

I found out that Eliza was a loser. So I threw a bunch of Personality Adjusters at her. She was still a loser. I was out of elixrs, but I knew I had another option.

Brain pickin'

I took this thing from University and changed the loser trait to something random. I also decided to find out what the Grim Reaper's traits were. Just so that Angel might be more compatible with him, I removed Supernatural Fan and No Sense of Humor and replaced them with Kleptomaniac and Inappropriate.


Locked her in the living room. Didn't let her suck the life force out of anyone. Vampire ghost.

8. Edmund Flynn - Death by Drowning

She did it for the orphans... okay?!

When I first explored the NCP household bios, I was extremely delighted to find a reference to A Series of Unfortunate Events. This was my favorite childhood series. I decided that I would save the orphans from his treachery.

"Not the chlorinated leeches!"

In the series, Count Olaf pushes one of the orphan's guardians into a lake full of leeches, so I decided that drowning was a good way to go. Originally, Edmund kept getting out of the pool, even when I took away the ladder. So I built a fence around it.

"The... fortune... nooooo...."

Well. Edmund is dead, but one of his orphans is kind of hot, but we'll get to that later.

9. Jack Limb - Death by Vending Machine

"You're not my type, but I'm running out of options."

I literally went to Varg's Tavern and picked the first Sim I saw for this one.

"I'm just tryna get a Snickers, yah feel, bro?"

I swear. This took so long. I had to slam into this thing for ages before it smushed poor Jack. But hey, he got a lot of free candy before he died.

Jack always gives the kids Snickers on Spooky Day.

I'm getting lazy and literally have nothing else to write about this dude, but here's his ghost.

10. Seema Sielen - Death by Haunting Curse

"Nice pigtails."

Seema SHOULD'VE been my last kill before seducing the Grim Reaper. I experienced a lot of glitches during this game. I even had (and still have) an annoying glitch where Angel wouldn't go to work. She got fired after all her hard work of becoming a thug. Luckily, she enough money saved up to continue the challenge unemployed.

At this time, Angel's LTW should've said 9/10 after making Seema her girlfriend (remember the first dude didn't count because he was listed as her boyfriend in CAS). For some reason, I was missing two. I literally summoned every single ghost, went through Angel's memories, etc to see if I forgot to date one of them. Nope. Pure glitch. Every single person she killed was listed as her ex. That's fine. We can kill a couple more.

Luckily, this is where it gets good. Really good.


I specifically chose Seema because she was a witch. I knew this death would take the longest, and I was right, it did. I had to get her magic up extremely high before I could kill her.

♫ My life as a teenage frogbot ♫

I had her turn Sims into toads. Of course, Angel was the only one with the ability to cure it, but pft, nah. The entire town was covered in frogs. I did, however, make an elixr to cure Nervous Subject so that he could age into a young adult. He was stuck as a teenage frog for like, three whole Sim days.

Pretty cool glitch.

So, I think this is a crazy glitch, but I spammed ice and fire spells on Angel. There was one point she was both frozen like this and on fire. But I couldn't put her out, because when you clicked on this frozen Angel, I could only command the dog to guard it. So I used resetsim and she popped out of it. And she was on fire. Then I put her out. But I got this cool un-moveable sculpture!

I think the Grim Reaper is sick of being here.

So, after forever of training Seema, she learned the haunting curse. I expected it to take her a bazillion times to die, but she died the second time. She cast it on Angel, and Jack came back to haunt. The second time she cast it, she died and turned into a spoopy ghost.

"Senpai notice me..."

Every time The Grim Reaper showed up on the lot, I'd click on his picture in Angel's relationship panel and send him love letters. Every time, he would reject her. That's fine. She just must've not proven her love quite yet. 10 Sims are dead, but her LTW still says 7/10. So I needed to seduce two more sims.

11. Maggie Flynn - Accidental Death by Thirst

"Wasn't the whole point of dating my kidnapper to save me?"

Is it messed up to date an evil old man, then date the young girl he kidnapped? Probably. Do I care? No. Originally, I wanted her to die from freezing, however, she was a vampire. To die from freezing, you have to starve while being frozen.

"Whew, that was close."

So I decided to let Maggie go. I was afraid of having her starve in the snow only to have her turn out like Eliza. I moved her out after breaking up with her. I already killed so many sims, I hit my 10 mark, what's the point of killing an orphan?

Wait... what?!

Literally... what. A little while after I moved her out of the household, she dies of starvation. I still can't find her grave. This was totally not intentional. I guess whoever dates Angel is going to die anyways.

I was still at 8/10 on her LTW. I needed a human to freeze to death. This is the last one, then I'm free to seduce the Reaper. Who, though? Who could possibly be the final lover of Angel?

12. Nervous Subject - Death by Freezing

Okay, that's screwed up.

Angel kills Nervous Subject's mom and raises him as her own. I mean, they've hated each other for a long time. But Nervous and Angel are both young adults now, so it's not TECHNICALLY wrong... right?

I figured that this was the ultimate final sacrifice: The Grim Reaper's son.

"I command you to contract Stockholm's Syndrome."

I made Seema playable via the Philosopher's Stone. I had her cast a love charm on Nervous. Since Angel and him didn't get along, I figured this was the easiest way to hook them up.

"Your sacrifice will bring me my one true love."

Hahahahaha, I'm so glad that I thought of this. I made them have a nice little romance and broke it off just as quick, just like the others.

Frozen Subject

I built Nervous a little space where he was trapped in the cold. He was extremely difficult to kill in this fashion. I have major anxiety thinking about how long this took. I had to keep making winter longer and longer. He kept thawing. I was so tempted to just cheat and drag down his hunger slider whenever he was frozen solid. But I was patient, and made sure he didn't starve until he was frozen.

I also got bored and hung up all of his achievements from high school. He also autonomously made a Grim Reaper snowman. Ironic.

"Oh, hello spoopy friend.

He finally died. My challenge was almost finished! Also, at some point this ghost gnome started haunting my house. I thought he was adorable.

"I thought you'd APPRECIATE all of my hard work, Senpai!"

The Grim Reaper didn't seem to happy about Angel killing his son...

Anywho, it was time to add The Grim Reaper to the household! Testingcheatsenabled true... shift click... wait. What? I can't add him? I once made Bonehilda and The Grim Reaper have glitched out children! I've added The Grim Reaper to countless households!

Wait. I used to play TS3 with MODS. Right...

Well. The "challenge" part of this story is finished. But now I gotta go install mastercontroller or something to have a happy ending. I'll post it whenever I feel like my story is complete.

Now, I have some questions for you guys.
1. Should I create an official challenge with a set of rules for the Heartbreak LTW that involves killing their lovers? If so, what should it be called? I'm thinking something with "Yandere" in it, or maybe "The Olive Specter Challenge."
2. What rules should I create for myself for the rest of Grim & Angel's life? Or should I just kinda do whatever?
3. Am I crazy?

Hope you enjoyed!


P.S. Here's my little graveyard. I expanded Olive's. I replaced the statue with Lucien's gold corpse, then I used moveobjects on to move this weird glitch statue next to him. I think it's a nice touch to Olive's Garden (pun intended.)

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  • M_Valentine22M_Valentine22 Posts: 193 Member
    This is really cool! I made a challenge as well and I know its not easy.

    I'm gonna try this right now!
  • KayosCatalystKayosCatalyst Posts: 313 Member
    I love this! I'd totally play it as a challenge for sure <3

    I actually want to do that so tag me if you ever make the rules
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 19,324 Member
    I have a vague idea that at some point, early on in the game, they fixed it so your sim can't marry the Grim Reaper or have a baby with him. But, there is a second Grim Reaper you might possibly be able to do it with if you have Grim's Ghastly Manor from the store. If you're planning to buy the venue just to be able to marry that Grim I'd suggest you confirm if it is possible with him or not. He looks exactly like the one that comes when a sim dies but I think he's otherwise an ordinary sim. I do have the venue but haven't ever actually played with that version of Grim.
  • KarilynMonroe2KarilynMonroe2 Posts: 1,282 Member
    Love it!!
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