January 18 - Friday Highlight is here, waiting for you to check it out!

If anyone needs the 8-ghost household achievement...

I went and uploaded my eight-ghost family. (Erm, family in the sense that they're living together. None of them are blood-related. Only relationship is Bran and Lenore are husband and wife.)


I kept one ghost from each of the base game deaths, except death by old age:

Naoki went by starvation.
Bran died from anger.
Lenore died from hysteria.
Tally was a victim of the cowplant.
Carly was electrocuted.
Ajay passed in a fire.
Vlad Straud Jr. lost his immortality and promptly died of embarrassment.
And Alonso drowned.

And no, I'm not a terrible person. I just have a really hard time letting Sims go after they die. ^_^;; (Naoki actually just showed up in one of my households as an NPC.)
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