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Sunset Valley - A Sims 3 Story

Hello everyone, and welcome to my newest story. This story will take place in Sunset Valley and will deal with some of the popular families. Before we begin our story, I have a few notes to make. First of all, aging is turned off at the moment and a caste system has been set up for my active households. Second, I have shut off some of my expansions to help prevent lag and other things. And third, I have not used any cc at all, but that may change if I feel I need something. I will post the first update in just a few minutes.


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    The town of Sunset Valley was founded by the Goth family many, many years ago. As families moved into the town, the Goth's welcomed everyone, including the Landgraab's. Over the next few centuries, the Goth's and the Landgraab's allied themselves with each other when anything threatened either family so when the Alto family moved in, the two families immediately started plotting how to take them down. This is where our story begins.

    Meet the Goth family. Mortimer Goth is the heir to the Goth fortune and is the son of Gunther and Cornelia Goth. (Yeah, I know, we all know who they are ;) )

    Mortimer: Mother, why do you have to get a job? Why can't you stay home with me?
    Cornelia: Mortimer, my dear, your father and I have told you many times. We must protect our legacy, and to do that, I need to get my foot in the door at the city hall.

    Mortimer: (hugging his mom) I love you, mother. I'm going to miss having you around.
    Cornelia: I love you too, Mortimer. I'll still be home, I'll have days off that we can hang out together, how does that sound?
    Mortimer: Fine, I guess. Hope your interview goes welll.
    Cornelia: Thank you, now why don't you go see if Bella is home, okay?
    Mortimer: Okay

    So Cornelia headed to the city hall where she met with an interviewer. The interviewer was so impressed by Cornelia, that she got the job! Cornelia was a little disappointed, however, as she got the lowly position of podium polisher. She knew if she was going to help her husband keep the Goth legacy alive, she would need to try very hard in her career.

    While Cornelia was interviewing for the job and taking a charisma class, Mortimer took his mother's advice and he hopped on his bicycle, heading to the Bachelor residence.

    Mortimer rang the doorbell and waited for an answer. He was kind of nervous as he had never been to the Bachelor's before and he knew some families hated his parents.
    (Inside the Bachelor's) Jocasta: Bella, could you get the door?
    Bella: Okay!
    But Bella was shocked by who was at the door.
    Bella: Mortimer! What are you doing here? You've never came to my house before.
    Mortimer: I thought it was time. I haven't even met your mom and dad yet.
    Bella: Come in, I hope Dad treats you okay.

    So for the first time, Mortimer entered the Bachelor's home.

    ***Well I hope my story is off to a good start. Other families with storylines will be the Bachelor's, Alto's, Wolff's, and Landgraab's, plus the surprise appearance of Ava Sinclair who may just have connections to one of the families, something that could cause a scandal if it got out. Until the next update, happy simming everyone!
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    Okay, I have to get this thread updated but I wanted to give the names of the families I will play in this save. They are:
    The Goth's
    And a mysterious ninth family.

    Update will be up shortly for those who read it on this thread.
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    Sunset Valley Part 2

    Mortimer went up to Jocasta to introduce himself to her.
    Mortimer: Hello Mrs. Bachelor. I'm Mortimer Goth, Bella's friend.
    Jocasta: Oh yes, I know who you are. Bella talks about you all the time.

    After talking to Jocasta, Mortimer went up to Simis Bachelor. He was a little worried due to Simis inappropriate trait.
    Mortimer: Hi Mr. Bachelor, I'm Mortimer Goth, a friend of Bella's.
    Simis: Hello Mortimer. You're family is odd. I hope you aren't like them.
    Bella: (thinking) Dad, shut up.

    Bella and Mortimer decided to play tag.

    Cornelia wanted to make one last meal for her family before she starts work. She didn't have much cooking skill so she just made an autumn salad to be safe.

    Gunther knew that the family would need a butler to help take care of the family, and so he called Landgraab's Maid and Butler Services.
    Gunther: Hello, this is Gunther Goth. I would like to hire a butler through your company.
    Receptionist: Okay Mr. Goth, we will send someone over right away. If you aren't happy, you can dismiss them and we will send another.
    Gunther: Thank you, ma'am. Please make sure they get here today.

    Back at the Bachelor residence, Mortimer and Bella had a lovely chat.
    Mortimer: Hey, why don't you come meet my Mom and Dad?
    Bella: Oh, I'd love to meet your parents!

    And so the two children hopped on their bicycles and headed to the manor.
    Now Gunther wanted to check the elixir shop for some elixir's on Cornelia's list. Unfortunately, they were out of the ones she wanted but the clerk did convince Gunther to buy a Lean and Mean potion.
    Gunther: Stupid woman, does she think I'm fat or what?

    While Mortimer ate his supper, Bella decided to explore the old house. She headed up to Gunther and Cornelia's bedroom where she made faces in the mirror.

    Bella: Duh, I'm Michael Bachelor, I'm a pudding face, duh.
    I guess Bella likes making fun of her brother even when he isn't around.

    When Gunther got home from the elixir store, he saw a man standing in his yard. It was Dorian Bowens, the family's new butler. Gunther went up to him and explained the job to him.
    Gunther: You're job will be to clean the manor and cook food for us. When we have guests, you are to greet them nicely. Oh, and we have ghosts here.
    Dorian: It will be a pleasure working with you, Mr. Goth. And I am not afraid of ghosts.

    And the two continued to talk, getting to know each other better.

    ***There will be another small update either tonight or sometime tomorrow. I've got to finish up the Goth's first day then we move to the Alto family and see what they are up to. Things are just getting started, and I want to introduce the 8 families I have chosen first before we get into the drama between them. The Goth's and Landgraab's will interact with the Alto's after I introduce the families.
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    A short Mortimer and Bella update

    Mortimer: So my family and the Landgraab's are in some kind of fight or something with the Alto's and they expect me to continue when they grow old.
    Bella: That doesn't sound very fun.
    Mortimer: No, it doesn't to me either.

    Mortimer: Let me tell you a secret. Bella, you're my best friend!
    Bella: You're my best friend too, Morty.
    Mortimer: Yuck, don't call me that.
    Bella: (laughing) Okay, Mortimer

    At that moment, Gunther walked in to his room to read when he saw Bella with Mortimer.

    Gunther: Good evening, Ms. Bachelor, it is a pleasure to finally meet you.
    Bella: Hi, Mr. Goth! It's so nice to meet you. Wait, how do you know my name?
    Gunther: Mortimer talks about you all the time. I'm just glad Mortimer has such a good friend.
    Bella: Thanks. I better go Mr. Goth, my mother wants me home by eight.
    Gunther: Okay, but you be careful.

    So the Goth's settled in for the night and in the morning, both Gunther and Cornelia prepared to go to work.

    ***And that should be it for the Goth's, next is the Alto family. Due to it being a Monday in game, we may not have much time with them at the beginning. I wanted to make a note here of the eight families I chose to play. Stay tuned for the next update, we will start it with the Goth's and end with the Alto's.
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    I've been obsessed to play the trio but never managed to, being too much of a perfectionist. These three families are kind of sacred in a way.

    Aging off? Good idea. However, aren't you afraid the families you don't play move away or change houses for no reason? I turn progression off yet my sims get promotions and change home when I'm not looking, which is really annoying.

    Good idea to put Cornelia in the office against Vera. It always occurred to me that Gunther should never retire from his job when he gets to be an elder or it would be the free for all if left to the Landgraab and Alto.

    It's fun that Bella's dad would tell Mortimer the Goth are weird because he is inappropriate. Good call! Mine kept trolling on forums, I didn't know what to do with him!

    I also like how Mortimer wouldn't want to be called Morty. After all, he was raised by aristocrats! I always hated the portrayal of Bella's family (always thought she came from the high society) but I can see how it can make interesting family's values and tradition clashes.

    Good job. Can't wait to read more. ;)
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    @hejix Hey, thanks for the comments. I'll answer your questions about what I'm doing. I'm using NRaas Story Progression and set up a caste system. The 8 families I play are set up so they are limited on what they can do. When I'm ready to age the sims up, I will turn aging back on. I'm not too worried what the other families do.

    Now about Vita, I think she will become mayor since she is higher up in the career but since Cornelia just started, it works for the story I am telling. Since I am playing a longer game and with aging off, he won't be an elder for a while.

    About Simis, the problem is he will treat Mortimer okay so I have to intervene to make him be inappropriate to him. Let's just say that Simis has his mood swings.

    That's kind of what I thought, but it may grow on him in the future, I don't see Mortimer caring about the feud but he does care about his families legacy. As for Bella, I agree with you. I'm thinking that the creators wanted to show that she came from humble beginnings and rose up to become the Bella we all know and love.

    As for the next update, look for that later today as I have an update I am working on. And thanks again for your comments, if you have any suggestions, let me know and I may try to work them in.
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    Gunther headed to work that morning, hoping for a promotion. His fellow co-workers, Nancy Landgraab and Iqbal Alvi arrive at the same time.

    Cornelia headed to work for the first time. Since election season was coming up, she knew that Vita would become mayor unfortunately.
    Cornelia: I've got to get on the city council. I can't let her change this city, it is fine the way it is.

    After work ended, Gunther headed to the diner for a quick supper before heading back to the office for a meeting. Even though he is rich, he doesn't look down on those less fortunate and he loves the diner just as much as the bistro.

    The enemy herself, Mrs. Vita Alto.

    Mortimer got stuck taking permission slips to the city hall, something he is not happy about.
    Mortimer: (thinking grumpily) Stupid teacher, what does she think I am, an errand boy?

    Simis Bachelor seems to be following the Goth's around town as he has been seen everytime they are around.k0PWpoM.jpg

    Simis: Stay away from my daughter, Goth. We don't need you rich people taking over our city!

    Mortimer: That's not what we're doing! I don't even care about the stupid feud!
    Mortimer ran off, leaving Simis standing outside the courthouse.

    At home, the whole family taking care of the important things.

    Gunther (talking to Thornton Wolff, his boss) Yes, Thornton, Nick Alto is a criminal! I don't know why we don't just fire him and kick them out of town!
    Cornelia is working on researching the Alto family, trying to dig up any dirt on them.
    And Mortimer is doing his homework, trying to get his grades up.

    The Goth's introduction is over now, so the Alto's will appear next. I have the screenshots for the beginning, but I won't post them until tonight or tomorrow. We will meet Nick Alto, Vita Alto, and Holly Alto as well as a new member of the household.
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