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New world in GF

I have to say I'm a bit underwhelmed with Del Sol, particularly the lack of empty residential lots & the lot size of the cheap houses! If they were smaller there would be room for more houses/empty lots. Otherwise I'm quite enjoying the pack. I have a Sim who is progressing nicely through the Actor career, so far he's passed every audition he's gone to. He's struggling to get his fame level up though - he's still on level one. He's also become obsessed with his phone & even if I make him look at it right before bedtime by morning he has the tense buff because he didn't look at it through the night. The quirks certainly make the game a challenge!


  • mshadaimshadai Posts: 75 Member
    i found getting them to do painting at a high level n selling gets fame up :) i have issues of they stop getting gigs to go too .. I'm playing a few families at a time .. by time i come back to one they cant get a gig
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  • grevilliabluegrevilliablue Posts: 147 Member
    Yes my Sim is also a painter & he spends a lot of time painting. He also plays guitar which I believe also helps. He's up to level 2 now & close (I think) to level 3. I'm about to go & play for a bit so hopefully he will progress a bit more tonight.
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