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More Playable Sim Request

Us Sim Mobile players don't have enough sims to work on quest and events. If possible, can you please give us the option for one more playable sim .. so instead of four sims .. it will be five playable sims. I feel we all want this most of all in an upcoming update. I think we all will be happy for sure.


  • HeronyxHeronyx Posts: 29 Member
    If that did happen I wonder how much it would be to unlock them. ATM it's just under £10 GBP of IRL money to unlock a 4th sim. With 600 SimCash costing £9.99 and the price of the 4th sim being 515 SimCash. I think this is more than double the price for the 3rd sim so I think the unlock price would be well over 1000 SimCash or £20. (I don't know what each player's local currency is or what the exchange rate of SimCash to your local IRL currency is but I don't think it's affordable or practical for the majority of players.
  • MGxoxMGxox Posts: 3 New Member
    Add me E7CTAKD
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