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Cladbridge-on-stowe Populated?

ZeiZei Posts: 40 Member
edited November 2018 in World Builders
Hello, I downloaded the custom world Cladbridge-on-stowe by Doublemedion694, and it's a gorgeous world, but it came unpopulated. The creator mentioned in another thread that the world has a save file that comes with 18 families, but the link he provided ( is no longer working for me, it directs me to the forums main page. I would really like to play the populated version, if someone has a direct link to download the save file, or a way to contact the creator for it. Thank you.

Edit: I found the thread by going in the creator's user profile and looking up his posted discussions, but sadly now it's the mediafire link that's no longer working because the file was removed by the website...


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