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FUNSIES IntelliGrow Babies

PRINCESSReyPRINCESSRey Posts: 403 Member
Hello The Sims Mobile Team,
Have you considered a partnership with FUNSIES IntelliGrow Babies companies like IMUV, Second Life are using them but they also have teen friendly versions even in charities like St.Judes in a Teen friendly way here are some of their babies for games.

Here are images of the babies

Baby drawing on wall

Funsies Baby moods a new development

Boy look

Basic babies

Furniture babies

There is lots first we need to remove thecMature delivery system of Baby being born.

Make sure babies are Teen Friendly and develop appropriately but with partnership you could give the babies the updates people want but at a faster rate and looking after by another company would save your companyand employees time to develop other ideas.

And you can have this on sims mobile and The Sims 4.

Kindest Regards
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