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How to get max energy on bathroom utilities?

My toilet only goes up to 5 (max is 6) and the shower only goes up to 11 (max is 13.)

Not sure what else there is to buy to get max energy on those. If you have your toilet and shower at max energy, I would really appreciate it if you could share your furniture setup.


  • CarolinaCherylCarolinaCheryl Posts: 2 New Member
    Most affordable way to get max energy:
    Toilet: total 6
    Torso modern relief toilet +1
    Ultra spramp sink +2
    Plush paper roll +1

    Shower: total 13
    Torso dual deluge shower +2
    Deluxe llama hair towel +2
    Toiletries tower +1
    Hamptastic hamper +3

    Bathtub: total 20
    Ultra spramp grime b gone 150 simcash
    Ultra spramp sink +2
    Plush bathrobe +2
    Bath cabinet +3

    Bed: total 25
    Stancke futon woohoo & +3
    Kiddo-boop dresser +2
    Stancke mirror (unlocks with collection) +3
    OR kiddo-boop mirror +3
    Stancke nightstand +1
    Stancke lamp +2
    Fancy abbey alarm clock 45 simcash +2

    I tried to avoid simcash when possible. Duplicates of same item or type do not increase your energy.
  • MøllerMøller Posts: 1 New Member
    Does anyone now what the price is for the bathtub from the rural details collection?
    Does it cost simscash or simelones?
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