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Mikezumi's Odds and Sods


  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,230 Member
    edited November 2018
    @Mikezumi I'm going to get back to this thread later tonight after dinner. I haven't been on the forum for a while and have gotten behind. But I see that you've added a genie to one of your households! A genie as the "guardian" for the two teen boys. I think that's the perfect story to try out a genie. ;)
  • wsteffi30wsteffi30 Posts: 109 Member
    edited November 2018
    @Mikezumi I've gotten a few I've downloaded and put in the game but I think some of the sameness may just be my games. All the females have the same hairstyle even when they were downloaded with a different one. It's just weird and I don't get to play but a couple times a month so I just leave them all the same.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,789 Member
    @lanlyn Thanks :) It made sense to add Jason to the teen household because I gave him the flirty trait and didn't need him disrupting an already happy couple. I am playing this save on Epic so the boys will be teens for a long time and therefore unavailable to Jason as romantic interests :) As it turns out, I don't like playing single sims so Jason now has a partner :)

    @wsteffi30 The same hair would definitely give sims a sameness. I think we have all our own style and, even with different hair, clothes, faces, I think we do tend to gravitate to sims that fit our taste.
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,230 Member
    @Mikezumi Let's see. I left off commenting on this thread back on page 3. ...You did some nice tweaks on Jensen. How could he get any more handsome? ;) ...And then you started playing the teens again. They may be young, but they're sure in love! Engaged at the karaoke machine. Ian seemed to be the one to move the relationship along--going steady, trying for a baby (not granted, of course!), and then proposing. ...Those were beautiful scenes of the boys at the beach as the sun went down and the moon rose! I loved those. ...Fun screenshots at the Piazza too. ...LOL at Paul's moody face when he woke up!

    ...I liked your work on Josh using the new CC sliders. Very nice! ...It's not easy getting the colors right with EA hair. I've noticed that colors will look one way in CAS and another way in game. All colors: skin, hair, eyes, clothes, etc. The lighting might have something to do with that. ...Exploring the catacombs leaves sims a little worse for wear! ...I like Josh with the darker blonde hair. ...He doesn't look too bad as a female either.

    ...Great screenshots of the genie being summoned. He looks so much better after you worked with him! Jason is an awesome looking genie. I see you left his skin color unique, but not blue. ...Fun scenes of the wishes. ...LOL at the genie primping in front of the mirrors. What are his traits? I see that Green Thumb and Flirty are two of them. ...Awesome screenshots of Ian working to set the genie free. ...Now they have a new house and lots more money! ...I seem to always pair my sims up too. I'm glad Jason will have someone to love. :)
  • JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 22,736 Member
    edited November 2018
    Love your topic, so impressed by the sims you make! I love Josh. Perfect combination between Bradley Cooper and Harrison Ford. And I love that hairstyle for him (the blending colours indeed is an issue...). And of course I love the genie. They only float when they run by the way, I grew attached to that little pink-purple cloud ;)

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,789 Member
    Thank you @JoAnne65 :) Making sims is a nice way to fill in time when I don't have time for a full simming session because I only make a few tweaks each time I take them into CAS.
    Thanks for the info about genies floating when they run because I knew I had seen Jason walking normally but didn't connect the floating with running. I am really enjoying the genie idles :) I have been adding EPs to my game very slowly over the years and know the ones I have been playing inside and out so it's exciting seeing new things in the game :)

    @lanlyn Thanks for the lovely comments :) I love my Jensen sim but am still disappointed that I can't capture Jensen's essence. Still, I do know the features are mostly in the right place and are of the right size/shape so it's probably something about the real Jensen's facial expressions that can't be duplicated in sim form.
    It's true that colours look different in CAS. Not just colours, faces too. This is one of the reasons my sims get so few tweaks each session. I spend more time in-game working out what needs to be fixed than I do in CAS.
    I have had very few sims that made it out of the catacombs unscathed! It's good for a laugh at least :D
    I couldn't play a sim in EA's genie blue. That is more colour than I could stand! :# Fortunately the skin I used for Jason comes in a few different colours :)
    I can't remember Jason's fifth trait but he is Athletic and a Perfectionist.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,789 Member
    When I realized there was only a counter with a couple of stools in the kitchen, I had the boys eat Al Fresco.
    Jason wanted to magically clean the house so I let him! :D
    Jason rolled a wish to learn the fishing skill so I put a couple of spawners in the pond.
    Jason caught his first fish :)
    Oops :D

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,789 Member
    I only took three pics on the Sunday, two of them of Jason :D
    I felt sorry for Jason because the teens had each other but he was all alone :( I added my Josh Holloway sim to the household while the boys slept. Jason was not disappointed to wake up to this ;)
    They even got hearts over breakfast :)
    Jason and Josh got to flirting while the boys were at school and Josh asked Jason to go steady thanks to my auto romance mod :)
    After a few more flirts, Josh dropped to one knee :)
    I don't know why so many kids come home with my boys! It annoys me no end :#
    I found Josh arguing with Charles the Evil Chicken :D
    And I found the boys in Jason's bedroom :D
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,789 Member
    I sent Jason and Josh to the community garden to harvest eggs, cheese, steak and patties. Not sure what this idle means but I am enjoying seeing new animations :)
    I forgot to tune out autonomous internet streaming and a few other autonomous smart phone interactions. This is the first time one of my sims has dropped their phone. It wasn't broken but it won't be happening again thanks to Retuner!
    The boys went on a field trip. Because I was concentrating on Jason and Josh I didn't follow the bus to see who else attended.
    This is the reason I didn't follow the boys. I also forgot to tune out autonomous pillow fighting :#
    The pillow fight ended with no hurt feelings :D
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,789 Member
    Paul rolled a wish to visit the local pool so I sent everyone :)
    It's a really big pool and when I checked on Josh and Jason on the other end they were having a breath holding contest :)
    They had burgers when they got home. I knew they were Ian and Paul's favourite but had forgotten they were also Josh's :)
    They ended the night by watching the stars :)
  • JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 22,736 Member
    Awesome pictures. I like how Jason is romantically involved with Josh! That idle gesture they indeed sometimes do autonomously.


    This is another one they randomly do:


    They look like self confident and happy expressions to me. The genie feeling comfortable ;)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,789 Member
    Thanks @JoAnne65 :) I have seen both of these idles. I am sure you are right about them being confident and happy expressions, because Jason has really fallen on his feet by being freed in my game where I spoil my sims rotten! :D
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,789 Member
    Quiet day so not many pics. I found Jason arguing with Charles the Evil Chicken :D
    Jason and Josh are athletic so I wasn't surprised to find them working out.
    The boys went to Prom. Ian was voted Prom King. In a perfect world, one of them should have also been voted Queen of Prom ;)
    Jason and Josh went out to dinner while the boys were at Prom :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,789 Member
    The boys sang together when they finished the gardening. I was surprised they chose that over doing something romantic or athletic but do love the karaoke animations :)
    Jason and Josh had been at the Performance Park meeting new people when Josh rolled a wish to do a cardio workout so I had them both jog home :D
    After a bit of romancing, I sent the boys fishing :)
    Because Josh and Jason often roll wishes to skinny dip I bought them a hot tub :D
    Not sure what happened between the boys but Paul knocked Ian back when he tried to share a secret :( Since I haven't seen them argue I think it might be a leftover slight from being splashed. Lame, EA!
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,789 Member
    Another quiet day :) The weekend is coming up so there might be a wedding :) The new house has a good sized garden for it's size. Josh and Jason are in the self-employed gardener career and have had a few promotions already :)
    At least it was a boy who came home with my teens this time ;)
    I saw the karaoke machine in Jason's queue and quickly checked everyone's queue to see who he would be singing with but he sang alone :)
    Ian came home with a wish to paint. I thought it amusing when I saw his painting was the same as Paul's :)
    Khang stayed for dinner.
    Jason and Josh watched the stars in the backyard :)
    Ian and Paul did the same from the frontyard a little later :)
    After I had saved and was getting ready to close my game I remembered I had placed a will-o-wisp spawner recently and a mod to make spawning more frequent.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,789 Member
    As soon as my mods kicked in after loading my save, I woke Paul to catch a will-o-wisp :)
    I saw there were fireflies across the street so I also woke Ian :)
    Jason on his way to pick up a seed :)
    Since Jason and Josh will be getting married, I put a copy of their house on a larger lot and extended it for an extra bedroom for kids. There will be lots of room for playground toys as well. The boys moved into their new home after the morning chores were done :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,789 Member
    What better way to celebrate their new home than to throw a casual wedding :)
    There were a couple more guests scattered throughout the house.
    There was a bottleneck at the back porch and all but one got there eventually.
    Isabella Monty (at least I think that's her name) didn't join the others and wandered off before the ceremony started.
    I had to get in close because Paul and Ian decided to stand in the way :#
    At least the guests remained seated during the ceremony.
    Everyone gathered for the cake cutting. I think Isabella came out before it was over.
    Jason and Josh ate cake together :)
    You always get at least one teen doing homework at parties.
    I heard woohoo in the house but it wasn't my boys. I found Khang Seng and Alessandra Giodano in the teens' bed.
    The guests started leaving around 8pm and my boys were able to unwind when they left.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,789 Member
    I started making new hair colours for my game last night. I only managed to get three done before I went to bed. I started off with reddish colours but will do others when I don't have enough time for a full simming session. It will make getting a bunch of townies ready for a new save easier to have more saved colours.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,789 Member
    The boys had Banana Cream Pie left over from the wedding :)
    I had to zoom in when I saw that Jason had gone cross-eyed :D
    These two were trying for baby! I think they might be confused about who got married the day before ;)
    I found Jason and Josh in the bedroom :D
    I sent the boys to the beach for the day :)
    I know where the boys can go for tuna when they have the skill :D
    The boys mostly swam apart.
    Until Paul decided he had to splash Jason. At least I saw it so knew that an apology was in order.
    Then Jason splashed Josh but I could see no apology would be necessary this time.
    Another apology for Paul!
    Ian kept to himself (if you don't count the shark) ;)
    Josh got out of the water on the opposite side of the beach and I couldn't stop him when he ran off, jumped in a taxi and headed back to the beach lot :#
    What a fine specimen :love:
    Jason's waking wish was to prepare a meal so I had him prepare a salad when they attended a party :)
    Yes, I made the mistake of giving the boys balls :D
    The boys ate outside as there was no dining table inside.
    Although both couples watched the stars, I forgot to get a pic of Jason and Josh.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,789 Member
    Did a few more hair colours. Still in the red family although the first doesn't look as red as the others but it's meant to be a dark auburn.
    Dark red
    A really fiery ginger! :D
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,789 Member
    One last red hair :D In case you are wondering who my model is, it's Jamie Jolina :D
    This is the colour on CC hair. I test them all on CC hair but don't take pics. I will still need to tweak depending on the hair I use, but they will be good base colours for my game :)
    Chestnut Brown
    Light Brown
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,789 Member
    Not much happened so I didn't take many pics. While Jason was at the grocery store selling garlic for an opportunity, I noticed that I had placed the new house next door to the community garden. Since Josh had a wish to level up in gardening, I sent him over to harvest eggs and cheese :)
    Jason had a wish to do a cardio workout so I had him jog home from the grocery store. Josh got frisky as soon as he got home :D
    They chose the hot tub :)
    Jason rolled a wish to buy something during the night so I bought the boys a new toy :D
    Ian rolled a wish to visit the Library so I sent the boys straight there after school.
    Paul brought a painting home from Art Class :)
    Josh and Jason finished the evening with fishing :)
  • JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 22,736 Member
    I had some catching up to do, they’re married! They’re so sweet together.
    Not sure what happened between the boys but Paul knocked Ian back when he tried to share a secret :( Since I haven't seen them argue I think it might be a leftover slight from being splashed. Lame, EA!

    Actually I praise myself lucky these sims have some kind of memory that way and can act unexpectedly based on something that happened before, even when the reason can be a bit weird and huffy :D It took playing a Sims game where that doesn’t happen to realize.
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